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Travelling and Staying Healthy!

I travel lots with my work and have learnt some fail safe tricks to get me through those long flights, lack of sleep and changing time zones. I lecture on how to be and stay healthy, so the last thing I need is to turn up at a conference with a bad case of jet lag and feeling poorly from bad food choices!

When I recently left for the USA I packed a few essentials because we all know how terrible plane food can be and how difficult healthy eating can be on the run!

So here's my travel checklist:

  • Coco Flora; this is great as you can just drop some in the mineral water you order at the hotel bar for a great pick me up and some serious hydration!

  • Gourmet 4 Seed; Activated Almonds and Activated Pumpkin Seeds; perfect for snacking on the plane and avoiding the temptation to chow down on sugar laden biscuits.These delicious snacks will keep your blood sugars steady, your cravings down and your body happy!

  • Organic Trout Fillets; great source of EFA's and protein. Swap it for your dried up chicken or your suspect piece of fish. Your body will thank you for it!

  • Artamix; mix this with mineral water or your Cocoflora/Cocobiotic to give your tummy a lift, reduce inflammation, feed the immune system and provide one hell of a pick me up!

  • Green tea; just ask for hot water and use your own tea bags! Green tea is high in antioxidants and good for digestion.

With a small amount of prep you can reap huge benefits in reducing travel fatigue and avoiding unhealthy snacks, on the run!


Talk soon, Maria Hunt :)


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