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Why pH matters

Originally published as The Caretaker | Why pH matters at Sans Ceuticals

I was recently given the opportunity to write an article for my friends at sans ceuticals about why the pH levels in your body are so important. The details are below and I have put together a special product bundle to help you with your pH balance!

Think of your body as a playing field. There’s a match being played out on your insides; the two teams –  acid and alkali – rallying to-and-fro in a perfectly balanced game.

With every nutritional and environmental choice, we introduce acid and alkali elements into our bloodstream and digestive system. Behind the scenes, bacteria squabble for territory, and impact the body’s ability to optimally absorb nutrients. But rest assured, it doesn't take much to tip the scales in your team’s favour, with life-changing results.

Body Ecology practitioner Maria Hunt offers up some expert advice on winning the quiet battle towards internal balance. ‘Water is generally at a neutral pH of 7.0,’ Maria says. ‘Anything above 7.0 is considered alkaline and below 7.0 is considered acidic. Our bodies thrive on a slightly alkaline blood pH of 7.35… we process toxins and dispose of them effectively, we absorb essential nutrients remarkably and we sustain our hard-working cells with optimum levels of oxygen.’

At the ideal pH, you’ll have higher and more sustained energy levels; clear, glowing skin and the sense of inner renewal only clean eating can give.

A pH level leaning on the acidic side has unpleasant consequences. ‘Too much acidity in our body generally encourages fungal/candida overgrowths, viruses and parasites,’ she says. ‘More specifically, other potential warning signs include: arthritis, migraine headaches, dry skin, decreased metabolism, low blood pressure, chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia…’

pH Perfect on the Inside

Internal pH starts with what we eat. The body is the field on which the match for balance is played out, and it needs to be well-tended to help the good guys win. Acidity levels rise when our bodies struggle to digest and absorb nutrients.

The secret to nutrient absorption is discovered via the introduction of micro-biome to the gut — the ‘good’ guys that will help you win the match

Consider the good bacteria as the caretaker of your digestive system, tending to the field of your body and refereeing the match between the acidic and alkaline teams, ensuring it’s a fair game. ‘An abundance of good bacteria paves the way for optimum digestion and absorption,’ Maria says.

The introduction of micro-biome to the body can be effectively (and deliciously!) done through the consumption of cultured vegetables, young coconut kefir, and specialist drinks offered through the Body Ecology Diet and other retailers. ‘These fantastic fermented foods/drinks are all ideal for balancing blood pH by restoring and maintaining digestion by giving the gut what it needs,’ Maria explains. ‘It supports the body to eliminate toxins healthily and effectively.’

Following this, Maria recommends incorporating a range of alkalising wholefood and drink solutions for optimum balance and absorption. These include the following foods and beverages, packed with nourishing vitality and incredible flavour:

  • Vegetables (ocean and land-grown)
  • Lemons, limes and berries
  • Soaked and sprouted almonds
  • Millet, amaranth, quinoa grains
  • Seeds (except for sesame)
  • Super Spirulina Plus, Vitality Supergreens (100% fermented)
  • Ancient Earth Minerals
  • Sea salt
  • Organic apple cider vinegar (with the Mother bacteria)
  • Herbs and herbal teas
  • Mineral water
  • Unsweetened pomegranate, cranberry and blackcurrant juices

Being perfect all the time is both impossible and dull. Lucky for us, the ideal diet for pH balance is roughly eighty percent alkaline (observing the list above) and twenty percent acidic – so go easy; the occasional treat is good for you. As you eat your way to health, you’ll be in awe of the amazing tastes and flavours; and shocked at how good you start to look and feel. Finding the perfect pH balance will quickly become second nature.

pH Perfect on the Outside

It’s not just what goes in our body that affects pH levels – products we treat our skin and hair with are also important. Both hair and skin are optimally healthy between the pH range of 4.5 and 5.5. Within this range, the hair cuticle is closed and tight, meaning internal proteins, moisture and oil molecules are protected. Breakage is reduced, while moisture and lipids keep your mane soft, shiny and luxurious. This allows for the surface to reflect light and give hair its brilliance and shine.

The same goes for your skin – balancing the acid and alkaline elements perfectly will promote cellular health for a rejuvenated and ultra-soft glow.

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