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The Body Ecology's Answer To Adrenal Fatigue

Burnout! Ugh. I am sure most of us have experienced the symptoms at some stage in our lives – we may find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings without a charge of coffee (or two) -and then ride on the rollercoaster of artificial energy just to make it through the day!

Other symptoms of burnout may include general weakness, general achiness, lowered immunity, dizziness, low blood pressure, headaches, memory problems, food cravings, allergies, blood sugar problems, morning depression, low libido and a general inability to cope. Running on empty! Not at all fun when we have a busy schedule! And for these symptoms it’s often easier to go for the ‘quick fix’… life can be too busy right?

Burnout - otherwise known as severe adrenal fatigue - is unfortunately a common side effect of modern society. Many of us don’t have the time or awareness to have it firstly correctly diagnosed and then correctly addressed. Some extreme cases of adrenal fatigue are diagnosed in the GP’s office as Addison’s Disease or Cushing’s Syndrome but milder cases of adrenal fatigue often fall outside our GP’s radar and can easily be dismissed as a virus or depression!

What is adrenal Fatigue?

adrenal glands

So firstly let’s look at what adrenal Fatigue is. It occurs when the adrenal glands – a pair of triangular shaped organs which cap our kidneys - become low in our ‘energising’ or ‘stress’ hormones. These hormones include cortisol, DHEA and adrenalin – the fun hormones which when readily available have us bouncing out of bed each morning! These hormones play important roles in our body’s wellbeing. Cortisol for example helps metabolise carbohydrates and regulates our blood sugar. Adrenalin speeds up our rate of metabolism and produces other physiological changes to help us cope with danger - the ‘fight or flight’ response. Our adrenal glands become fatigued when too much cortisol is released (usually due to circumstances of extreme or prolonged stress) and we begin to experience the uncomfortable symptoms as outlined above.

Adrenal fatigue isn’t often recognised in orthodox medicine. Our GP can prescribe medication to treat the symptoms of adrenal fatigue – a quick fix – antihistamines for allergy relief, anti-depressants for ‘morning depression’ or an antibiotic for an infection due to lowered immunity. They may also recommend rest or refer us to counselling to find ways of reducing our crazy stress. Blood tests can confirm our hormone levels, mineral levels etc. to determine if fatigue is from a simple deficiency. This is all incredibly valuable information to keep and important advice to follow…until we decide to dig down to the roots of the problem.

A holistic GP or a Naturopath may help us delve deeper to the source of the problem. Here in consultation, any test results we already have done are extremely valuable. As well as a series of questions…your health professional may also request a simple blood test to measure cortisol levels. Finally and hopefully, the ‘a-ha’ moment arrives! It all makes sense. Once the diagnosis is clear the pathway to recovery and energy can begin!

Our holistic GP or Naturopath may set us up with an ‘adrenal nourishment’ protocol incorporating vitamins, mineral and herbal therapy. We may also be referred to further therapy such as Acupuncture for example - a fantastic modality to help support adrenal function and strengthen our system to cope with stress.

The Body Ecology Diet also offers an effective lifestyle food-based approach and protocol for adrenal fatigue. Here are a few practical easy tips to adrenal

  • Keep a regular bed time – the more time we sleep before 12pm the more restorative the sleep! At the latest 10pm.
  • Avoid processed foods – these are dead foods and simply do not sustain our body. We struggle with the additives and don’t receive any nutrition…!
  • Avoid Sugar and Caffeine – as we know these give us a quick burst of energy (often so ‘necessary’ when our adrenal glands are exhausted) but what about the crash later on? Not fun! The Body Ecology Diet is a big fan of Stevia an amazing herb which is sweet! It’s a no-calorie sugar substitute readily available and marketed in Australia. It’s also a blood sugar regulator! What a fantastic alternative to sugar.
  • Support your adrenal function with a simple program consisting of fermented powder and probiotic drink products available exclusively through the Body Ecology Diet. These incredibly effective, naturally fermented products not only provide us with a nourishing range of vitamins and minerals they also help us digest those good foods we eat so we can absorb those vital nutrients and harness the much needed energy to get through our day.

Here is just a preview of three of our fave Body Ecology Diet products to combat adrenal fatigue:

Ancient Earth Minerals – Our adrenal and thyroid glands (our body’s main energy producers) need a consistent supply of minerals to function effectively. As we know, if our digestion is compromised we can’t absorb essential nutrients from our foods. Secondly, if the food we eat is poor in nutritional quality we don’t receive essential nutrients at all. Ancient Earth Minerals helps the potential shortfall. It is an easily absorbable, convenient source of broad spectrum minerals in capsule form. The source of these minerals - fulvic and humic organic compounds – transport easily into our cells to naturally boost our adrenal glands by addressing mineral imbalances.

Our second and equally fave product to support adrenal fatigue is Super Spirulina Plus: Our adrenal glands need high quality easily absorbable protein to function. A protein deficiency in our body can lead to adrenal fatigue. Many of us eat a protein rich diet but are unable to digest it efficiently. This is where Super Spirulina Plus fills the shortfall. It is a superfood made from `100% organic, all fermented spirulina and grains with all nutrients pre-digested by Lactobacillus microbes. This fermented pre-digested form is so easy to absorb! It’s a powder packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements which can be added to smoothies, juices or salad dressings.

Our third equally fave product to support exhausted adrenals is a probiotic/prebiotic drink - CocoBiotic. It’s a naturally fermented drink rich in synergistic probiotics. The good gut friendly bacteria in this delicious beverage are from certified organic plant sources. This probiotic drink can be consumed undiluted or mixed with mineral water. While many probiotics on the market promote higher and higher levels of the good bacteria and more and more different strains of good bacteria…the Body Ecology Diet endorses drinks like Cocobiotic due to their type of bacteria used – it’s natural to the human digestive tract and therefore much more absorbable. The Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus delbreuki in Cocobiotic really works as it can handle stomach acid to reach the walls of the intestine and recolonise. The beneficial enzyme-producing yeasts (prebiotics) found in Cocobiotic feed the good bacteria (probiotics). So it’s a great 2-in-1. Drink undiluted or mix with mineral water for a refreshing spritzer. Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Soy Free * No Added Sugar * Certified Organic



Ancient Earth Minerals

Super Spirulina Plus


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