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My appearance on Channel 7's The Paleo Way with Chef Pete Evans

It’s not every day I am invited into the kitchen of an esteemed and inspirationally healthy chef like our very own Pete Evans, let alone have it filmed! My famous foodie friend has a superbly healthy sparkle in his eye. Fermented foods are doing wonders for our Paleo Pete!

Did you happen to see us both having a laugh last weekend on Channel 7’s program The Paleo Way? The program was all about fermented foods and I chose to share a little bit about the humble, young green coconut and how simple it is to prepare and enjoy at home.

We created two fantastic fermented recipes - Coconut Kefir (a refreshing drink) and the yummy Coconut Cheese (a soft cheese, fantastic with berries). Both are packed full of good biome or gut flora! So we scored ourselves a healthy 10/10 for creating simple, yummy, probiotic-rich recipes to help us absorb our good food, rid our body of toxins and of course reward us with that healthy ‘smiley’ log!

Too much information? Or would you like to see the show? Enjoy it on Yahoo 7 TV:


And if you would like to have a go at creating the recipes yourself… we used this to create the Coconut Kefir:

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