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Looking for an easy spring detox tonic?

It’s on everyone’s lips (in more ways than one) at the moment!

I am talking about Young Coconut Kefir (YCK)!

You may have spotted me earlier this year singing its praises to Chef Pete Evans on Channel 7’s ‘The Paleo Way’.

So for those of you who have emerged from the winter months with:
  • tummy bloat
  • weight problems
  • candida symptoms
  • sugar cravings or;
  • poor hair, skin and nails

Just 1-2 glasses a day of YCK can help prevent or help treat all of the above!

What is YCK and what can it do for us?

YCK is a unique combo of two super ingredients ideal for a spring detox: coconut water and kefir starter.
Coconut water from the young green coconut is rich in B-vitamins and rehydrating electrolytes – a much more sensible alternative to the sugar/caffeine laden sports drinks on the market.

It’s not just the electrolytes we love in coconut water – the carbohydrate and amino acid profile of coconut water also helps our body absorb the water we’re drinking.

What a powerful tool for rehydration after a workout or during a detox!

And then there is kefir an old, old traditional fermented milk drink.

Think of humble yet incredibly wise and capable village people many years ago milking their cows, goats or sheep, ‘preserving’ and drinking this milk (without fridges of course) to sustain their hard working healthy bodies.  

Kefir is a reliable and abundant source of good-gut biome - you may hear me rave often about how vital good gut biome is to digest our food, absorb its nutrients and detoxify our system.

Our innovative Donna Gates, founder of Body Ecology USA, has always been impressed with the health properties of kefir and of course the nutrient value of coconut water.

But she was concerned for her new clients beginning the Body Ecology Diet who simply could not tolerate casein in dairy products.

Donna was also aware of the naturally high sugar content in coconut water – another challenge to detoxifying and healing the gut and clearing candida.

With patience and ingenuity she and her friends learned how to ferment coconut water!

By doing this – a dairy-free, sugar-free super drink was created!

It turns out like a fizzy, sour champagne-style spritzer – a perfect spring detox tonic.

It’s also a perfect super drink for Stage One of the Body Ecology Diet!   

The unique combo of good-gut biome in YCK may:

  • help fight infection (bad bacteria)
  • help protect against food-borne bacteria (food poisoning)
  • help fight off candida (a myriad of unpleasant symptoms)
  • help strengthen our immunity
  • help digest and absorb the nutrients from our foods and;
  • help our body detoxify!

So how does YCK work?

YCK works just like any other 100% fermented food or drink.

When coconut water is fermented, the good-gut biome (listed above) populates and thrives by ‘feeding’ on the natural sugars in the coconut water.

So some really good stuff comes out of the not so good! The B-vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the coconut water are retained and then with the fermentation process the good-gut biome swallows up the not-so-good sugars!

Here is a basic ‘how-to’:

  1. Warm the water from the young green coconut to approx. 33°
  2. Add kefir starter
  3. Let this sit for approx. 36 hours in an airtight jar, until it’s, white, bubbly, tart and tangy

For more info check out the Body Ecology Diet Book

It’s really that simple!

YCK can be kept in the fridge and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

Once you’ve made your first batch 6 tablespoons can be used to start your second batch. This second batch will take less time to ferment as the good-gut biome is already alive and ready to go, so only leave for 24 hours.

We recommend using fresh young green coconuts for our YCK. To source, ask your local fruit and veggie store, local market, health food store or supermarket.

For those of you too busy to make your own – you could use a bottle of Cocobiotic – a pre-made 100% fermented drink ready to go.

So how would you like to:

  • feel more energised and rehydrated?
  • show off a flat tummy?
  • walk past those chocolates and sweet treats with ease?
  • digest your food without pain or discomfort?
  • lose some weight?
  • reduce or eliminate candida symptoms?
  • help your body fight off viruses and infection?

It’s all possible with a gorgeous glass of our ‘new champagne’: YCK or Cocobiotic.

We have a 10% discount carton buy for the month of September for all of our pre-made Fermented Drinks – this includes Cocobiotic.

Remember it takes good guts to gain great health!

Maria ☺

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