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Going Gluten Free

For some of us it is a necessity.
For others it’s a lifestyle choice.

Either way I thought I would share the benefits of going gluten free.
It’s remarkable what so many of my clients notice after deciding to ditch gluten.
Many report:
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better digestion
  • Pain-free joints
  • Clearer sinus and chest
  • More energy
A good reason to at least try to go gluten free?

So just a quick fact check:

What is gluten?

Many of you I am sure are savvy with gluten and the culprit foods.

Gluten is a protein found in many grains including wheat, barley and rye.

It helps bread and pastries ‘rise’ and gives them a ‘chewy’ texture.

No wonder it’s a tough gig for many of us to give up!

Gluten is also ‘hidden’ in many foods and condiments as, for example, maltodextrin – something we see on so many ingredients lists these days!    

And of course many vegetarian proteins contain gluten to bump the protein level up – e.g. vegetarian mince, vegetarian sausage, mock duck etc.

Some people are dangerously allergic to gluten and suffer with extreme reactions such as respiratory failure or overwhelming fatigue.

Others may experience noticeable discomfort such as stomach pains, gas, bloating, heartburn or skin rashes.

Here @ Your Digestion, we really value gluten-free foods and drinks ☺

The less inflammation, pain, discomfort or hindrance to efficient digestion the better!
And so many of our powders and fermented drinks we are proud to say are also gluten free.

So to celebrate going gluten free I would like to share with you my faves!


Vitality Supergreens is Gluten Free ☺

That’s right our fave green powder blend is newly formulated and gluten free!

Not only is it packed with nutrients, enzymes, essential fatty acids, protein and probiotics - it may help to alkalise our body and rebuild damaged lining in our intestines – a handy tool for those suffering stomach and intestinal trouble from gluten intolerance.

Thanks to a number of ingredients such as L-Glutamine, Aloe Vera and FOS from chicory inulin – Vitality

Super Greens helps establish and maintain healthy mucosal lining!

It’s a tasty green drink (especially with a dash of Body Ecology stevia) first thing in the morning and very handy for the mid-arvo slump.     

Each container of this powder has 30 serves and is GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY and GMO FREE and vegan.

Assist Dairy/Protein Enzyme Capsules are Gluten Free ☺

When we have a troubled digestive system or inflammation from gluten intolerances enzymes and hydrochloric acid are vital.

The Assist Dairy/Protein Capsules can help us digest and absorb all proteins: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy and vegetable-based proteins. It contains 30 serves per bottle and also GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY and GMO FREE and vegan.    

Passionfruit Biotic, Coco Biotic and Innergy Biotic Drinks are Gluten
Free ☺

My fave trio packed with easily absorbed good gut probiotics and prebiotics is a fantastic, refreshing spritzer coming into the warmer months.

Not only do they:

  • help heal leaky gut and damaged intestinal lining
  • curb sugar cravings
  • contain prebiotics – enzyme producing beneficial yeasts to feed our good gut biome

They survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestinal wall and therefore recolonise good gut biome more effectively than a probiotic capsule.

These fermented drinks are so refreshing added to mineral water with a dash of stevia or lemon and lime! A shot glass per day is the minimum dose, giving you about 2 weeks supply.

Remember it takes great guts to maintain good health!

Maria ☺

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