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Let’s Thrive this Festive Season!

It’s that time of year again!

How are you travelling?

Already exhausted or cruising on through?

A full diary or choosing to take it a little easier?

Whatever your choices are for this end of year ...we thought we’d share some simple reminders to help you THRIVE ☺ - not just SURVIVE ☹ the festive season.

  • Keep your belly happy ☺
  • Keep hydrated ☺
  • Keep your blood sugar levels steady ☺

Just keeping the above in check throughout our holidays can make a BIG difference this summer.
And to keep it ultra-simple…here are some tips to keep up with the above!

Keep your belly happy! 

Plenty of Probiotics ☺

Your Digestion’s fermented drinks are a perfect way this summer to keep your good gut biome topped up! What about Passionfruitbiotic, Cocobiotic or Innergybiotic drinks spritzed with mineral water, crushed ice and mint as a refreshing after-dinner drink?    

Digestive Enzymes ☺

If we do choose to indulge in rich foods this Christmas it really helps if our belly can break it down! This is where the Assist Enzyme capsules are a great little tool to help curb the after affects. It’s surprising how quickly they can work to prevent symptoms of food coma or food indulgence such as heartburn, bloating, foggy thinking, lethargy, congestion even stiff sore joints!

Keep Hydrated!

Such a simple yet often overlooked reminder! When we are hydrated we are less likely to feel hungry, our energy levels are maintained and we can think more clearly! And if there is a chance of a hangover…the symptoms will be reduced if we KEEP HYDRATED.

So the easiest way is to keep refreshing non-sugary drinks by your side.

Filtered Water ☺

A perfect choice always and a great basis for hydration.

Cocobiotic Drink ☺

For effective hydration and electrolyte support during the summer celebrations our Cocobiotic drink is a fantastic alternative – 20mls of this in a big glass topped with mineral water with or without a dash of stevia is a refreshing party drink.

Keep your blood sugar levels steady!

We all know the highs and lows of sugar. It’s the crazy lows which make us do the crazy things - like going for the quick-fix energy highs in sweet treats, caffeine or even alcohol.

Whatever gets us through the busy day or night!

Super Spirulina Plus ☺

It’s our winner to help us maintain an even keel, resist temptations and keep our energy levels high.
A daily dose of Super Spirulina Plus is the perfect mid-arvy slump booster!
It gives a wonderful hit of protein, nutrients and minerals – steadying our blood sugar levels at an often critical time.
It also detoxifies our system – a great mop up of indulgences from the evening before.
Simply add to mineral water or smoothies to keep you going through the afternoon and evening celebrations.

Phew how do we do it!?

Remember there’s a 10% off all carton buys of Passionfruitbiotic, Cocobiotic and Innergybiotic and any mixed cartons of these three drinks up until 17th December at Your Digestion.

Happy and Safe Holidays Everyone!

And a sincere THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers, clients and friends for sharing the journey to true health!

Maria ☺

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