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Ready to LET GO of the old and BRING IN the new?

And you may already know I am not talking about anything but:


of toxins and bad bacteria ☹



the good-gut biome! ☺

To boot out the toxins I recommend our FERMENTED DRINKS.

PassionfruitBiotic Drink is a great choice.

These drinks are our quiet achievers – they help clear out the bad gut bacteria and toxins from the stomach and bowel lining. Remember our bodies can only healthily operate on 80/20 ratio of good to bad bacteria.   

And then to give the body a good clean start for the New Year – I recommend giving the liver an overhaul too!

With many of us experiencing such a HOT summer this year – those of us with congested livers will be really suffering!


In Traditional Chinese Medicine the good old hard-working liver is known as our ‘heat’ and ‘anger’ organ.
Many of us with clogged livers really suffer in the heat and it’s not just the heat that makes us cranky ☹?

Other symptoms of a struggling liver include:
  • Foggy brain
  • Coated tongue
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Yellowing of the whites of eyes
  • Weight gain around the abdomen
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Skin problems such as acne or itchy skin

Not fun!

A GENTLE liver cleanse may help alleviate these symptoms and give your body a much more pleasant experience of summer!

It’s important to detox the liver gently – as too much too soon can trigger intense symptoms such as achiness, sore throats, fatigue and queasiness.

So easy does it.

It’s a two-step process.

Step 1. Clear the bowel

We can do this with fibre from food sources such as psyillium seed husks or herbal powder preparations available from health food stores – combine with either Cocobiotic, Passionfruitbiotic or InnergyBiotic and do this for at least a few days before starting your liver cleanse.

Why clear the bowel before a liver detox?

Put it this way if we don’t, the liver dumps toxins into the bowel and we may well just reabsorb these toxins if our bowel is already overloaded. We literally clog up and feel ill as a result.

Step 2 Clean out the liver

We can do this with Body Ecology’s very own Livamend capsules.
Livamend features liver cleansing, blood cleansing and bile stimulating herbs in a vege capsule which really gets the liver going. 

It’s important to start this gradually. Just two capsules a day for a week if you are new to liver cleansing.

Drink plenty of filtered water, try to avoid dairy products and non-organic foods especially meats and keep the bowel clear with your fibre and Fermented Drinks.

If you are feeling ok after the first week, increase to 4 capsules a day.

Why take it easy when clearing the liver?

If we detox too quickly, toxins run rampant in our system and can’t be cleared quickly enough leading to symptoms of queasiness, headache and flu like symptoms.

Yours in True Health
Maria ☺

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