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Beneficial biome: How to give the bub in your tum the best start!

What if you and your new baby could skip the scourge of colic and colds, eczema and diarrhoea?

Or at the very least reduce their frequency?

What if you could set your bub up with a strong immune system and skip those trips to the doctor?

Here @ Your Digestion, we believe there is a strong link between a baby’s overall health and their levels of beneficial BIOME.

What is biome?

Biome is a community of microorganisms in our body.

It gathers in the stomach, intestines and the mouth.

Biome consists of both good biome the beneficial biome we thrive on and also bad - like fungi and viruses.
Beneficial biome helps protect us against infection, helps break down food to release energy and produce vitamins.

Put it this way if we have less than 80% of beneficial biome our health can run into trouble

A lack has been linked to many health issues including obesity, candida, digestive disorders, mental health problems, and autism and skin problems.  There are countless numbers of articles and research on the topic.

And now recently we are seeing studies on the important link between a mother’s biome and their unborn baby.

Fascinating stuff!

So as a mum-to-be how can you during pregnancy increase your unborn bub’s beneficial biome?

It has intrigued midwife Dr Rachel Reed and co-author Jessie Johnson-Cash, who in a recent post on Midwife Thinking, refer to and discuss the theory a  mum’s beneficial biome in the gut can be delivered to the placenta via the bloodstream!

Both women relate the importance of building beneficial biome during pregnancy to pass on to the unborn bub and set itself up for improved immunity and robust health.

It’s a great read

As mums- to-be we face a few challenges to ensure we have beneficial biome.

Many of my clients come to me with low beneficial biome symptoms derived from the following challenges below: 

  • Genetics
  • Antibiotics
  • Illness
  • Poor diet
  • Stress

All of these can affect our levels of beneficial biome! And some are understandably unavoidable.

Genetics unfortunately we cannot help, but illness, antibiotic, poor diet and stress are the factors we can control!

So as a mum-to-be, how can you during pregnancy increase your unborn bub’s beneficial biome?

At Your Digestion we can help out with the diet side of things by introducing the beneficial biome in the most natural way possible.

And the magic is: these dietary additions can help prevent illness, counteract the after-effects of antibiotics, poor diet and malabsorption of good foods!

We suggest mums tuck into some cultured (fermented) vegetables using our Cultured Veggie Starter.

Cultured Veggies are easy to make – if you can make a slaw you can make cultured veggies.

Most of my clients get the hang of it after their first attempt and it soon becomes a family staple as it’s a great tasty compliment to all styles of healthy meals. 

See our superbly simple Cultured Veggie recipe.

We highly recommend you grab a pack of Culture Starter sachets to guarantee success.

And secondly Coconut Water Kefir is another great, effective natural way to introduce beneficial biome.    

We have a simple ‘how to’ on Coconut Water Kefir

Both the Cultured Veggies and the Coconut Water Kefir will generate the essential beneficial biome in no time!

Beneficial biome for the bub in your tum starts with you Mum!

And with all that beneficial biome your body is generating it may give your bub the best chance at a healthy start!

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