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How to Curb Candida this Summer

Feeling a bit out-of-it in the heat?... especially when the humidity is up? And then there are the uncomfy seasonal skin/fungal flares. Not fun! How about your breathing? Is it a touch wheezy? And are your joints getting testy? These symptoms can indicate a flare of candida. And candida being a fungal infection LOVES the hot, humid conditions so it really makes itself known at this time of year after lying low! Read on for some pointers on how to curb those trying symptoms!

Candida symptoms can really hit us during humid, hot conditions.

And I’m not just talking about obvious symptoms like thrush, tinea or jock itch!

Foggy brain, low energy, poor decision-making ability…we often blame it all on the heat and the damp…. but it’s most likely a candida flare in our bodies that’s behind it!

Many of my clients have a flare in summer and often it’s one of the five below that’s slipped as a priority.

So just a reminder!

Here are five ways to curb our candida symptoms this summer!

  1. Ditch the sugar
  2. Build up the biome
  3. Eat only sour fruits, alone and on an empty stomach
  4. Keep to the 80/20 ratio land/ocean veg to protein/grains/starch veg
  5. Ditch old ‘mouldy’ concepts and ways of thinking  

So to expand just a little…

1) Ditch the sugar.

Are you leaning on those tempting fruity spritzers to quench the thirst?  

It’s an easy habit to take up in summer.

Some of us are going for an icy cold beer or cider in the arvy – understandable too!

Anyone who’s been down the candida track really notices it gets worse when we bump up our sugar or yeasty drinks.

So here is a little alternative – mineral water and a spritz of lime or lemon juice!

And even better – add a dash of probiotic fermented drinks.

It’s not just a great spritzer ingredient – the probiotic drinks helps tweak our tastebuds so we’re not compulsively going for the bottle of your fave fizzy drink! It just keeps the intense sugar cravings at bay.

2) Build up your biome

There’s good and bad biome and we need the good to be at least 80%!

This ratio will keep candida flares at bay.

Probiotic drinks and fermented foods are a great way to quickly boost that biome.

3) Eat just sour fruits alone, on an empty stomach.

Ideally, if you’re going to have some fruit, stick with the tart/sour fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruit, unsweetened cranberries, strawberries, pomegranates, green apples and have these first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or with an alkalising green drink.

While other fruits are alkalising, their sweetness is too much if there’s a candida flare.

If you eat fruit on top of other food, it simply sits in your gut too long and ferments away – the perfect ‘high tea’ for candida to thrive on.

 The exceptions to the above are lemons and limes. They’re fine to go alongside veggies or proteins as a dressing or garnish!

4)  Go for alkalising foods – 80% veggies (this includes tasty sea veggies like dulse, wakame, arame,) and 20% protein/starchy veggie/grain-like seeds such as quinoa or millet on your plate.

Candida LOVES acidic conditions. So we need to get this alkalinity thing right!

By following the 80/20 guide and avoiding grains like acid-forming wheat and rice you won’t be giving candida any complex sugars to dine on!

5)  Let go of old, ‘mouldy’ concepts

This is a bit of a metaphysical thing and a bit out of the box – our mind-set can be tough to re-gear.

Is there something ‘old’ you come back to repeatedly – a recurring problem, person, a dynamic in your workplace or even a certain ‘dated’ opinion of yourself mostly likely inherited from your family of origin?

Can you look at how to approach this differently…really try to turn it around instead of falling into the same ‘here we go’ pattern?

If it’s really tough to re-gear, an honest and trusted friend or counsellor can really help spark the change!

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