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Love Your Liver - My 8 Top Tips

Our liver can really cop it around the silly season.

The tell-tale signs of a troubled liver can be:

  • Poor digestion: bloating, constipation, wind, diarrhoea
  • Nausea, bad breath
  • Dark circles under the eyes, coated tongue
  • Foggy head, depression, headaches
  • Muffin top – weight gain around the middle
  • Allergies – skin rashes, hay fever, asthma
  • Hot head, hot hands and feet, red or yellowing eyes

And given how many of us live, it’s no surprise our liver is suffering!

For some, the party-hard lifestyle choices really make it hard for our liver to do its job: too much alcohol etc. and too much processed fatty foods.

But just everyday tasks involving chemicals/pollutants, like cleaning the home and driving in heavy traffic can also give our liver a thrashing.
So many of my first-time clients who present with digestive complaints have the liver going under as well. 

8 Ways To Love Your Liver

1) Ditch the dairy, red meat and processed foods

This is not something you have to do forever, but to give your liver a break it’s vital to stop overloading it with the above.

Go for your lean white meats instead like fish and chicken or the pulses like lima beans, chic peas, cannellini or lentils.

2) Keep the colon clear

So important! If we start a liver cleanse but don’t clear the colon first, the toxins can be reabsorbed. Not a good idea!

Increase your fibre intake. 

Grab a natural laxative from your local pharmacy or health food store and use this prior to starting your liver cleanse.

The Body Ecology Probiotic Drinks are also a great scrubber and cleanser for the digestive tract.

3) Up the hydration

Water keeps toxins moving through our bloodstream and out of our body.

In summer really try for 2L quality filtered water a day. Whether its tank or town-water, we still need to filter it!

4) Lemon Loves Your Liver.

Upon waking drink 1 glass of filtered water, followed by a 2nd glass with a squeeze of lemon.

The perfect wake-up for your liver.

It’s worked so hard for you all evening processing toxins…it needs a pep-up!

5) Take a quality liver tonic and take it easy!

This can really get things going in the detox department.

It’s a good idea to start off slowly with the dosage, to avoid going overboard with toxin overboard overload.

So many of my clients go really hard and too quickly with a liver detox when they are on holidays.

And I understand this, they want to detox while on holidays – it’s just easier when there’s no work routine to challenge you!

But it can just make you feel sick and not fun to be around at all.

The secret is: take the minimum dose every second day….and gradually increase the dose – if you start to feel ill…hydrate, take a day off the liver tonic and re-start the next day. Take it Easy!
We love the Body Ecology Livamend Capsules.

It’s the unique blend; the synergy of ingredients that really work so well to clear the liver.

6) Go Green!

Our dark green leafies are our friends for the laboured liver!

And we are so lucky to have so much abundant and organic produce available.

Some of you are challenged with sourcing organic, if so, there is a great way of washing your produce to remove the surface chemicals. Use a natural fruit/veg wash and rinse with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Consider buying some good quality potting mix and see how your own green leafies grow!

It’s a great experiment and doesn’t always work the first time but experience can set you up with a consistent supply of green goodness!

For a convenient addition if you’re on the hop or wanting to add to your green cocktail, we love our superfood green powder:

Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus

It’s a great detoxifier and protein source. It really gets things moving!

7) Be Mindful of Detox Side Effects

Heat in the body, irritability and annoyance, anger at minor things. Let your family know prior to the liver cleanse that these emotional symptoms may arise as you cleanse your ‘anger’ organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

8) Start a plan to clear out at least 1 or 2 possible chemicals/pollutants in your home/work.

This could be as simple as an artificial air freshener in the car/home or a trusty but toxic oven cleaner.

And for the ladies: there’s so much more we can detox from.

Explore organic make-up options but just at your own pace and when the budget permits.

Every little bit helps!

And if you have any medical issues please consult your GP before doing any of the above.

They know your health situation and if you have any underlying conditions it’s important they know what you’re up to!

Here’s a quick and easy Liver Cleansing Juice suitable for standard juicers or the new super-charged blenders.

Pop these all in:

1 Lebanese cucumber

1 celery stick (including leaf)

1 granny smith apple

Any greens that need using up like leafy mix, spinach or lettuce.

½ a lemon

1 small knob ginger

¼ teaspoon Super Spirulina Plus (optional)

If you like it sweet, add a drop of Stevia Liquid.

If using the super-charged blender – add water to the ‘max’ mark.

If it’s a bit strong via the traditional juicer, add water.

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