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Are You A Mum On The Run?

I have been talking lately with so many mums on the run, stressed out, running on empty and spinning one too many plates.

Their lives are sooo FULL.. one extra ‘bump’ sends them careering off course! “It was just not what we needed…we had to move house in 3 weeks!”

“I couldn’t believe I didn’t want to hop on a plane to visit my mum in hospital..I love her so much but it was just too much for me to deal with!” It’s so understandable! Learning how not to take on too much is a lifetime lesson for so many of us!

Learning how to do this without the guilt pangs is also a lifetime lesson for so many of us! So without getting to heavy or bossy I just thought I’d share a few tips to reign in the chaos and restore what’s important.

1) Make a list of your top 6 priorities for the week: no matter how little or big they are. Here’s an example:

  • Attend the school fundraiser
  • Clean some of the garage
  • Mentally prepare before the stressy work meeting
  • Create a home-cooked meal where we are all at the table
  • Enjoy a good bath soak in magnesium flakes
  • Go for a walk with the partner!
All of the above give your life balance – kids, house, work, nutrition, relaxation and exercise.

    Now yes they may not be HUGE five-star priorities but if you decide to make these the focus of your week i.e. schedule them in so you are mindfully restoring life balance … it’s just so much easier to say no to the little energy-sapping distractions that can creep in.

    And now wait for it ..

    2) Look after your DIGESTION and keep your IMMUNITY strong.

    Yes.. it is after all Maria Hunt @ Your Digestion - of course I am going to bang on about gut health!

    It’s just something I find my gorgeous clients need reminding of consistently. The more reminders…the more it EVENTUALLY becomes a new daily routine!

    One Mum who had been pushing herself to exhaustion… feeling like she was just being lazy by resting ended up with a relapse of her recently contracted Epstein-Barr (Glandular Fever) virus.

    “It was so good to feel part-way normal, I just had to make up for the lost days being ill. I ended up undoing it all by pushing myself. ”

    This is where a immune recovery tonic is VITAL.

    Once your immunity takes a dive it really needs to be supported, supported and supported some more.

    I find Zing Powder so beneficial for my clients with its trio of medicinal mushrooms to help support recovery (especially post-op and illness) regain strength and restore vitality.

    It’s simply a teaspoon in a smoothie, green drink or juice in the morning and that’s it.

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine the mushroom trio of Shitake, Cordyceps and Reishi are all highly valued for supporting the immunity and recovery during convalescence.

    And because Zing Powder is 100% fermented it’s going to be readily absorbed…no matter how stressed out you are.

    And if you really would like to get on top of things this winter and prevent those few extra kilos from creeping on…add the Livamend Capsules.

    The cooler months are the perfect time to gently cleanse the liver as when it’s detoxing it can heat us up! (In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is the heat organ of our body).

    It’s also a time when we are more likely to comfort eat, over-eat, choose the warmer starchy type foods, spend more time indoors or maybe not exercise as much.

    Your liver needs support during this time to process those extra fats. 

    So for you gorgeous Mums On The Run I have a choice of 2 options at 10% off this month!    

    Mum On The Run Zing Powder 10% Off

    Mum On The Run Combo 10% Off

    *$12 freight applies to both options 

     Just a small addition to your packed routine that will hopefully prevent further downers, wipe-outs or kilos coming into the winter months!

    Yours In True Health




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