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Help with Heartburn

Where there is heat, stress and over-eating………there’s heartburn!

And the festive season is just around the corner!

So to help you prevent or overcome the above look no further than the Body Ecology Assist Enzymes – Dairy & Protein capsules.

The difference between this formula and the two others in the Body Ecology Range is the Dairy & Protein version features hydrochloric acid – a vital acid particularly for A Blood Types as well as those suffering with heartburn. 

Heartburn is often a symptom of low stomach acid and ironically, supplementing with hydrochloric acid stimulates stomach acid – the necessary acid we need to break down our foods.

The protease enzymes and pepsin in Assist Dairy-Protein is also perfect for those who don’t tolerate dairy products too well (again, most A blood types) and those who have a weaker digestive system - they have challenges breaking down heavier proteins like beef, pork and lamb as well as nuts, seeds and legumes.

Maria Hunt’s tip: Start off with 1 capsule a day, gradually increasing to 3 a day.

90 capsules gives you one month’s supply at 3/day.

Assist Dairy-Protein can be combined with the other two enzymes formulas available with Body Ecology.

  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO 

For a consultation with Maria Hunt please call: 0415 992 494  

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