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San Francisco Research Trip

Hi there! 

I’ve just arrived back from a stint in San Francisco on a research trip. It has been such a pleasure to listen to so many talented trailblazers at the Dreamforce Conference - a conference on how to best service the customer within the digital platform.

So why would I attend the largest software conference in the world, run by Marc Benioff (CEO Salesforce) #dreamforce #salesforce generating 8.34 billion in revenue, with 170,000 attendees, 15 million online and Artificial Intelligence a big topic?

To cut a long story short, Dreamforce ’16 was all about enriching myself with knowledge, staying updated and self-improvement (as well as being immersed in a very funky environment) – and it has changed my life.

Visionary thought leaders surrounded us - the keynote speakers were down-to-earth, small-timers who made it big with hard work and their sharing was generous. Opportunities to review live product demonstrations and preview future products were on tap. 

At times I felt overwhelmed with the challenges of taking the ‘next step’ within technology and being surrounded with so many talented ‘tech nerds!’

But one of my favourite books saved me - ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ - if you haven’t read it, it’s a quick compulsory fun read, which outlines the importance of moving with change.

And change is the operative word. We need to stay abreast of change and so I dug deep and relied on as much osmosis as possible to take in the immense amount of tech information.

And some of the inspirational keynote speakers included:

1. Christy Turlington –  advocating for women's health issues spanning the globe. Her efforts touched my heart as she referred to some 303,000 women who die each year in childbirth - 1 dies every 2 minutes and 98% preventable.

2. – advocating for education (skillsets) in the ghettos to fight inequality.  Transforming lives through education, inspiration and opportunity. More kids die in gun violence in Chicago than soldiers in Iraq! 

3. Congressman John Lewis - politician and civil rights leader. He was chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating (SNCC) one of the ‘Big Six’ leaders of groups who organized the 1963 March on Washington and part of the Civil Rights Movement and ending racial segregation in the USA. He has been arrested 45 times and was one of the original participants in the 1965 Montgomery voting rights marches, which inspired the movie ‘Selma’. True inspiration. I even got to shake his hand!

4, Inspiring NASA Astronauts - Captains Mark and Scott Kelly.

Scott Kelly achieved a record-breaking year in space, a historic NASA mission. Scott’s story and his experience in space have laid the groundwork for the future of space travel and exploration. Scott’s work, along with his identical twin brother and fellow veteran astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, is enabling NASA to learn and understand more about how space affects the human body. And they didn’t mind a little ‘brotherly’ sledging on stage either!

5. Donations were made to help the homeless - 28% of the homeless people in San Fran have a serious mental illness. 31% have a substance abuse problem. Only 1 bed for every five homeless people is available. 7,000 homeless. And unfortunately you could witness the problem on most street corners.

Unfortunately very little discussion was held around the health of the nation. We can provide tech savvy platforms, education re: skillsets, equality for women and minorities, but without the health of the nation we will always be hindered and ‘dumbed down’- generation after generation. Nutritional health is paramount for our future.

Also we did manage to find time to enjoy the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, the gorgeous scenery and the fresh delicious foods. As well a zip lining through the wonderful redwood trees in the Sonoma Valley … very cool! 

So for now, I’m off to re-mineralise my body after so much travelling, book a colonic and catch up on my sleep.

Enjoy your week and look forward to chatting soon




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