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Some tips to help cope with this silly season!

Silly Season Tips

There’s the hotter weather and humidity for some of us, the overwhelming list of activities, parties, dinners and social catch-ups after hours - as well as food and drink we don’t usually consume – it can really take its toll on our energy levels.

And for so many of us – if our brain chemistry isn’t the best for whatever the reason – we can go under with anxiety.

To ‘soothe’ those anxious feelings many of us either start the roundabout of emotional eating or have one too many drinks when we are out and about!

Anxious feelings for our 9 to 5 workers can be triggered at the end-of-year workplace parties, especially when:

  • It’s a ‘new workplace’ function
  • We have challenges fitting in to the workplace;
  • It’s a toxic workplace environment but we still have to ‘show up’
  • We are finishing up and moving on to another job
  • We are supporting a partner going through the above

And what about the 24/7 parents at school functions?

Anxious feelings can be triggered here when:

  • Our children have trouble fitting in with school activities
  • We have had an unresolved conflict with another parent or teacher
  • Our child is learning to let go of their much loved teacher in the New Year
  • We can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for school friends
  • We are a single parent juggling work as well as children’s commitments

So there are plenty of chances for anxiety to take hold at this time of year.

Another challenge is feeling worn out and keeping up with it all!

When we are tired we are often successfully tempted to eat convenient sugary junk-foods or go for an impulse cocktail or coffee hit for some pep!

The above choice as we know can give us an immediate ‘high’ but lead us to the inevitable ‘crash’ and does nothing for our jangled nerves.

Now for the GREAT part about the silly season – it’s a time where we have the best opportunity to use some common sense.

Just some little tweaks to restore balance and ENJOY the catch-ups and commitments without freaking out.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Not always committing to everything (It’s ok to say no sometimes)
  • Making time for more sleep or downtime between the buzz events
  • Balancing the rich treats with plenty of alkalising fresh food
  • Rehydrating
  • Re-mineralising

Just a few tweaks can really make the difference!

And here are a few additions to our diet to help re-balance and keep grounded!

Just a suggestion :

To stabilise and prevent the highs and lows have a quick mix of our Protein Powder prior to going out and about. It’s an easy hit of blood-sugar stabilising protein so you don’t crave the quick pick-me-ups! Just mix it in to water or add to a smoothie!

To detox from all the silly season foods and drinks add a teaspoon of the Super Spirulina Powder to your protein hit.

And to re-mineralise, re-hydrate and process toxins go with the Body Ecology Fermented Drinks!
They are 10% off and freight free for carton buys at the moment!

The super-hit of live active good biome is sure to give your gut a chance to digest your foods and give the feel-good hormone serotonin a great chance of reaching your brain.

A shot glass of your fave fermented drink into a big glass, topped with mineral water, lime and mint is the perfect party drink. I have clients who freeze them as ice cubes too.

Your gut and therefore your brain/mood and stress levels can only benefit with a few common sense tweaks.

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Thank you all for your wonderful support and I wish for you all a SAFE and HAPPY summer season.


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