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Let’s Thrive this Festive Season!

It’s that time of year again! How are you travelling? Already exhausted or cruising on through? A full diary or choosing to take it a little easier? Whatever your choices are for this end of year ...we thought we’d share some simple reminders to help you THRIVE ☺ - not just SURVIVE ☹ the festive season. Keep your belly happy ☺ Keep hydrated ☺ Keep your blood sugar levels steady ☺ Just keeping the above in check throughout our holidays can make a BIG difference this summer.And to keep it ultra-simple…here are some tips to keep up with the above! Keep your belly happy!  Plenty of Probiotics ☺ Your Digestion’s fermented drinks are a perfect way this summer to keep...

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Set yourself up to lose weight!

Feeling a little too much jiggle when you shimmy? And no way, you’ve gone up another size since last summer? We hear you … it can be depressing! For whatever reason, weight sneaks up on us QUICKLY… And with SO MANY weight loss options on the market these days … losing weight can be tricky! Sometimes it’s so hard to decide which program to start or which supplement is best for you. here’s a lot that gets thrown at us when we take that first step. Weight loss shakes … appetite suppressants … metabolic stimulants ... fluid loss tablets. Which way do we go? And then of course there’s a vast number of reasons behind the bulge – eating too...

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The Body Ecology’s answer to a sluggish thyroid

Hypothyroidism otherwise known as underactive or ‘sluggish’ thyroid is a common problem with many of my clients so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the Body Ecology approach. So please read on if this concerns you already, or you may even just discover you have the symptoms described below and be prompted for a check-up. Let’s start with a quick definition of the thyroid gland. It’s a butterfly-shaped gland, which sits at the base of our neck just below our Adam’s apple. It’s our ‘energy’ gland and keeps all of our systems going – digestion, circulation, immune, hormone and even emotional! And it does this by producing a hormone called T4 which we then...

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Energizing Green Vegetable Smoothie

  Ingredients ½ cup filtered water1 scoop Vitality SuperGreens1 tspn Super Spirulina Plus1 tspn  Zing Powder30 mls  Cocobiotic, Passionfruitbiotic or Innergybiotic fermented drinks1  tbspn Chia or Hemp seeds½  small cucumber½ cup fresh green leaf mix1 tbspn organic coconut oil or coconut butter (Artisana)1 tbspn cultured vegetables Directions Wash vegetables and cut to prepare for blendingPlace all ingredients in a blender, mix until the consistency is smoothAdd more water for consistency preferencesPour into glass and enjoy!

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Welcome to Winter everyone!

So how is our immunity going so far? Did that sneaky breeze or sudden drop in temp take you by surprise? Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a cold or ‘flu virus to take hold – especially when we are super busy, stressed or simply living with someone who already has the winter blues. And those big viruses like Epstein Barr (Glandular Fever) and Ross River Virus can really knock our immunity afterwards! For those of us who are the first to sniffle or snort I have a beaut little tool to share with you. It’s great support for the winter months and great for those of us who are simply rundown in general. It’s Zing Powder My fave ingredient...

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