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Welcome to Winter everyone!

So how is our immunity going so far? Did that sneaky breeze or sudden drop in temp take you by surprise? Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a cold or ‘flu virus to take hold – especially when we are super busy, stressed or simply living with someone who already has the winter blues. And those big viruses like Epstein Barr (Glandular Fever) and Ross River Virus can really knock our immunity afterwards! For those of us who are the first to sniffle or snort I have a beaut little tool to share with you. It’s great support for the winter months and great for those of us who are simply rundown in general. It’s Zing Powder My fave ingredient...

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My appearance on Channel 7's The Paleo Way with Chef Pete Evans

It’s not every day I am invited into the kitchen of an esteemed and inspirationally healthy chef like our very own Pete Evans, let alone have it filmed! My famous foodie friend has a superbly healthy sparkle in his eye. Fermented foods are doing wonders for our Paleo Pete! Did you happen to see us both having a laugh last weekend on Channel 7’s program The Paleo Way? The program was all about fermented foods and I chose to share a little bit about the humble, young green coconut and how simple it is to prepare and enjoy at home. We created two fantastic fermented recipes - Coconut Kefir (a refreshing drink) and the yummy Coconut Cheese (a soft cheese,...

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My morning with Chef Pete Evans

  Last week I had the opportunity to spend an amazing morning with Chef Pete Evans filming a fermented foods segment for his up and coming TV series set to air later this year. We went through the benefits of fermented foods for having a healthy gut and bum!     And WOW what an opportunity to meet someone else so passionate and enthusiastic about healthy eating and the impact this can have on your entire life.

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