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Let’s Thrive this Festive Season!

It’s that time of year again! How are you travelling? Already exhausted or cruising on through? A full diary or choosing to take it a little easier? Whatever your choices are for this end of year ...we thought we’d share some simple reminders to help you THRIVE ☺ - not just SURVIVE ☹ the festive season. Keep your belly happy ☺ Keep hydrated ☺ Keep your blood sugar levels steady ☺ Just keeping the above in check throughout our holidays can make a BIG difference this summer.And to keep it ultra-simple…here are some tips to keep up with the above! Keep your belly happy!  Plenty of Probiotics ☺ Your Digestion’s fermented drinks are a perfect way this summer to keep...

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Set yourself up to lose weight!

Feeling a little too much jiggle when you shimmy? And no way, you’ve gone up another size since last summer? We hear you … it can be depressing! For whatever reason, weight sneaks up on us QUICKLY… And with SO MANY weight loss options on the market these days … losing weight can be tricky! Sometimes it’s so hard to decide which program to start or which supplement is best for you. here’s a lot that gets thrown at us when we take that first step. Weight loss shakes … appetite suppressants … metabolic stimulants ... fluid loss tablets. Which way do we go? And then of course there’s a vast number of reasons behind the bulge – eating too...

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