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Any quantity of cabbage, carrots and pumpkin

PLUS CHOOSE ONE of the below spices:

  • ½ thumb-sized knob of ginger
  • Small pinch of cayenne powder
  • Pinch of cardamon powder
  • Pinch of cinnamon powder
  • 1 small clove of piece of garlic

Remember just one of the above is plenty!

1 packet of Body Ecology Culture Starter

How to Create:

Roughly cut the raw veggies into pieces and blend.

Add your choice of spice, cover with water and blend.

Add Culture Starter to the blender and stir with a wooden spoon gently for 1-3 seconds.

Transfer your blended smoothie to an airtight glass jar and allow it to culture for at least 24 hours.

Place your smoothie in a warm spot.

Warmth will encourage the bacteria in the starter culture to grow and multiply.

Once fermented, strain and refrigerate.

Enjoy your fermented vegetable juice after meals, before bedtime – whenever you need a little extra support!




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