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Superfood Spirulina

It isn't everyday you hear that when undernourished children in a village clinic in Togo, West Africa are provided a daily tablespoon of a miraculous “green medicine” that it brings about rapid recovery and weight balance. On the other hand, health literature, food marketing and the media is liberally peppered with buzzwords and catchphrases, the star of the show in recent years being most definitely, superfoods. So what is a “superfood”? It sounds like it should be in tights and have an alter-ego! In general terms, it’s a food item found in nature that is a superior source of the antioxidants and essential nutrients that our bodies need to really go great guns. When most people think of superfoods they...

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My morning with Chef Pete Evans

  Last week I had the opportunity to spend an amazing morning with Chef Pete Evans filming a fermented foods segment for his up and coming TV series set to air later this year. We went through the benefits of fermented foods for having a healthy gut and bum!     And WOW what an opportunity to meet someone else so passionate and enthusiastic about healthy eating and the impact this can have on your entire life.

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Travelling and Staying Healthy!

I travel lots with my work and have learnt some fail safe tricks to get me through those long flights, lack of sleep and changing time zones. I lecture on how to be and stay healthy, so the last thing I need is to turn up at a conference with a bad case of jet lag and feeling poorly from bad food choices! When I recently left for the USA I packed a few essentials because we all know how terrible plane food can be and how difficult healthy eating can be on the run! So here's my travel checklist: Coco Flora; this is great as you can just drop some in the mineral water you order at the hotel...

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