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A Winter Recipe: Blended and Fermented Vegetable Juice

With the winter season in full swing and a chill in the air, fresh salads are disharmonious for your body.  If you feel queasy, dizzy, or hyperactive after drinking vegetable juice, this is a sign that it is too expansive for your body. Unless you live where it is sunny year-round, chances are that the winter season brings a limited variety of vegetables for you to enjoy.

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How Candida Overgrowth Leads to Leaky Gut

 The inner ecosystem of your digestive tract is a rich community. It is bustling with bacteria and yeast. As it turns out, these bacteria and yeast do more than help digest food and manufacture nutrients. The bugs in your gut also interact with your immune system, the chemicals in your brain, and your hormones. The greater the stress, the more Candida adapts to stressors and to its environment. Candida albicans is a well-known yeast that is naturally found in the mouth, the gut, and the birth canal. (1) It is opportunistic, which means that if it has an opportunity to grow and take over an environment—it will. What goes into your mouth (and into your gut) influences your inner ecosystem....

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