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Fermented Foods: One Step Better Than Raw

Long before high-fructose corn syrup and synthetic chemicals ever existed, we used bacteria and yeast to extend the “shelf life” of foods that would otherwise perish. The friendly lactic acid bacteria and yeast that are naturally involved in the fermentation process are our original food preservatives. And while we no longer dig holes in order to ferment food, many stores still sell supermarket versions of time-tested fermented favorites. Examples include sauerkraut, dill pickles, and yogurt. But are these supermarket versions really as good as their lacto-fermented forerunners?

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Anti-Aging Healthy Margarita from Body Ecology

Cleanse and purify your body with an aloe and probiotic-based margarita with this recipe from Body Ecology and Truth Calkins. Also using a healthy dose of flax oil, anti-oxidant super food Tocotrienols, colostrum, celtic sea salt and more, Truth shows us how we can enhance our tonic bar with this tart and sweet smoothie.

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Have you got the guts to lose weight?

If you’re training consistently, eating ‘well’, ticking all the so-called boxes and not getting the results you want, you may need to look a little deeper...right down to your gut. New research out of the U.S. has revealed the significance of the relationship between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut. The bacteria battle in our bellies could determine our body’s ability to absorb fat (and how much), use nutrients and consequently fight infection and disease. It can also be what’s standing between you and those last five kilos. Maria Hunt, Head of Body Ecology in Australia has known about the importance of gut balance and its link to health for many years. She uses her broad experience in nutrition...

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