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Are You Upping the Antibiotics At The Moment?

Most of us don’t want to take them unless we really have to. But then there’s sinusitis, strep throat, bronchitis, tooth abscesses. All that fun stuff we simply need to hit on the head and FAST to get on with life without too much pain or discomfort!

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Feeling a bit under the weather… is the lurgy a little too close to home? REVITALISE with a simple immune-boosting tonic from our Body Ecology Diet Founder Donna Gates. It’s a uniquely fermented veggie juice tonic laden with antioxidants for immune support and a wonderfully warming touch of spice. And so simple – veggies, spice and culture starter!

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Are You A Mum On The Run?

Finding it hard to fit everything in? Pushing yourself when you should be taking time out? It’s an easy cycle to get caught up in for sure – especially as a Mum wearing a number of important hats! I consult with many mums in my health practice and just thought it would be good to share some simple pointers and their experiences to help us all get across the finish line in good health!  Yes, you have probably heard it all before.. but this may be the last reminder you will need for it to be a part of your routine!

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