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skincare GFA Face Scrub

Grainfields Australia

GFA Face Scrub

  • GFA Scrub is a nourishing food for your skin that assists in rehydration. Developed as a maxi-vitamin, mineral, essential oil, scrub and deep cleanser - a true food for the face. Made using only the finest, all natural ingredients

    • 100% Natural probiotic food for the skin
    • May help to loosen ingrown hairs
    • Naturally cleans out the pores of blackheads and other impurities
    • Exfoliates the skin without digging into the pores of your skin

    GFA Scrub helps to remove the dead skin cells and deeply embedded impurities, which can leave the skin lifeless and prone to blackheads and breakouts. Exfoliation is necessary to remedy this.
    The main aim is to slough off the top, dead layer of skin from your face leaving it smooth and helping to clean out the pores of blackheads and other impurities.
    The GFA Scrub allows you to exfoliate the skin without digging into the pores of your skin.
    Your skin will now feel clean and glowing and ready for the next step!
    Ingredients include
    GFA Scrub is a unique live skin food which has includes organic grains, purified water, sweet almond oil, aroma oils, honey, lecithin, emulsifying wax, beeswax, sandalwood essential oil, cypress essential oil and lactic acid.
    Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, parabens, benzoyl peroxide, sulphates, alcohol, acetone, filler or excipients
    Available in 30g jar

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