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skincare GFA Toner Pads

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GFA Toner Pads

  • GFA Toner - the perfect accompanier to a cleanser; a natural organic probiotic food for the skin that helps soothe and calm the skin with extracts of sandalwood and cypress essential oils.

    • 100% Natural probiotic food for the skin
    • May help to balance the pH of the skin
    • May help to inhibit the growth of fungal and skin infections
    • Cleans and refreshes the skin and removes any residual dirt

    A facial toner can be the most neglected step in your skin care regimen. If you suffer from large pores, excessive dryness, excessive oiliness, breakouts, blackheads, premature aging on parts of your skin, rough skin texture or lack of even absorption by the skin, then GFA Toner may help with these skin imbalances.
    GFA Toner is not a toner containing alcohol, acetoneor benzyl peroxide but a true skin food free of harmful ingredients. Research suggests alcohol on oily skin may increase the oil because it's a stimulant.
    One of the most common skin problems is caused by dehydration and the lack of thorough cleansing. A toner is the most important part of skin care. It may be futile to apply your moisturiser if you do not tone your skin first.
    Always remember to tone, tone and tone! A toner is not just a skin conditioner. It is much more than that. A toner performs at 4 very essential steps: deep cleanses - improving the absorption of moisturisers, balances the pH levels and protects your skin from the environment; hydrates and nourishes the skin and assists penetration of treatments and moisturisers.

    Ingredients include
    GFA Toner is a unique live skin food which includes extracts of sandalwood and cypress essential oils, spirulina, wheat, barley, alfalfa grass, linseed, soybeans, oats, rye, millet, maize, mung beans, brown rice, green ginger, lemon juice; and molasses, malt, honey and lactic acid.
    Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, parabens, benzoyl peroxide, sulphates, alcohol, acetone, filler or excipients
    Available in 120 ml or pack of 35 pads

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