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Is It Oxalates?

Toxic superfoods?

Who would have thought? 

But if you're eating healthy food high in oxalates, it could be the very reason for your ongoing poor health and lack of vitality.

USA Health Consultant Sally Norton’s new book:“Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick--and How to Get Better” is proving to be a real game changer for many of us.

I’ve had personal experience with oxalate overload and I'm also finding it is a really common reason behind poor health for so many of us, so I’m really glad to share with you my discoveries.✨.

Do you have unresolved aches, pains, gout, kidney stones, digestive disorders, UTIs, exhaustion, fungal infections, IBS, brain fog, leaky gut, anxiety, eczema, sinus, thyroid disease or other symptoms that are getting worse instead of better?

And are you eating super healthy food like spinach and almonds, but still confused because you just..feel..really unwelll?

I’ve come across a few too many clients working really hard to flick those stubborn health symptoms, and they were just..not..gaining traction.

But thankfully I’ve discovered oxalate overload to be behind it all and have developed a health protocol to help clear them.  

Many of my clients with oxalate overload are now seeing the results and some of them are right here in Australia.

It's great to help them successfully clear oxalates and regain their health.
Let me help you select the best, low oxalate, nutritious foods to build more energy, gain vitality, and a better functioning body and brain...and to work alongside you with a do-able supplement protocol to help clear those sneaky offenders.
And to keep it real and prevent overwhelm, I consider your unique health profile, lifestyle, budget, existing medications, supplements and eating style to ensure your healing is achievable.

My clinic is alongside a medical doctor in Marrickville, Sydney.

I also offer Skype or ‘phone options for all initial and follow-up consultations.

For an appointment, phone my assistant Naomi:
P: 0415 992 494

For general queries or more info:

Maria 💙 


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