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Liquid Probiotic Supplements

Here are some reasons that fermented drinks and liquid probiotic supplements are superior:

  • Beneficial bacteria and yeast in fermented foods and drinks are live and active! Whether you purchase fermented foods and drinks or make them at home, you are getting active bacteria.
  • Fermentation pre-digests vital nutrients for you. Packed with B vitamins, minerals and enzymes, fermented foods and probiotic drinks are whole foods full of nutritional value in their own right. On top of that, the microflora increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in all the foods you eat by hundreds of times.
  • Fermentation does not use heat. Fermented foods and drinks retain their vital amino acids that can be destroyed by heat, which is why many people feel that drinks with probiotics are superior for your digestive health.
  • You get a variety of live cultures supplied by nature including naturally occurring lactobacillus in fermented foods and drinks. Lab produced probiotics are often a single strain of bacteria, like Lactobacillus acidophilus.
  • Supplements contain bacteria only while fermented foods and drinks also contain "food" for the microflora to help promote their growth. It's like sending the good guys down into your digestive tract with a lunch box of goodies to sustain them on their long and perilous journey down under. Once they reach their destination (and IF they reach their destination) the microflora in a supplement need up to 6 hours to colonize in your intestines. The microflora in fermented foods and liquids are so hardy they start working at once.
  • Fermented foods and drinks are acid-resistant and are viable in your system from the time they touch your lips all the way down into your gut.
  • The Body Ecology Diet is on the cutting edge of using probiotics to impact your health, and because we believe in the healing value of beneficial bacteria and yeast, we have created several different ways for you to get daily doses of high quality, potent microflora in your diet.
  • We offer a range of Liquid Organic supplement drinks from the Body Ecology diet and from the range of Grainfields liquid probiotic which can aide your digestive health and relieve symptoms from a mild belly ache to Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

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