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PassionfruitBiotic 1.25L
PassionfruitBiotic 1.25L

Body Ecology

PassionfruitBiotic 1.25L

  • The super-healthy & delicious probiotic liquid from passionfruits.

    • May help to improve digestion
    • May help to reduce sugar cravings
    • May help increase energy
    • May help cleanse the liver 

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  • The key to enhanced and vibrant health is restoring and maintaining your inner ecosystem. And key to creating that healthy inner ecosystem is promoting your intestinal microflora, the organisms that help your body defend against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, yeast and other dangerous invaders.

    PassionfruitBiotic is a pleasant tasting certified organic fermented drink created using organic ingredients and the unique process. This process uses live, active, naturally occurring lactobacillus bacteria to ferment the ingredients.  

    Benefits include

    PassionfruitBiotic is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, chemical free and preservative free drink made with passionfruit – a delicious sweet and sour tasting fruit which originates from the Amazon and is a staple Amazonian food. It is an excellent source of vitamin A and C as well as potassium.  

    As a fermented food, the drink contains micro flora, which helps us extract and retain minerals from our food so that we can build mineral rich blood.  

    The ingredients used in the drink include - blue agave, organic honey, fresh passionfruit, organic fresh ginger, mung beans, brown rice, lentils, chick peas, fresh lemon juice, linseed, alfalfa seed, millet, quinoa and filtered water.   

    The symbiotic effect from blue agave, honey, gluten free grain-like seeds and grains in Passionfruit-Biotic aid in populating the intestines with beneficial microflora which helps improve the survival, implantation and growth of newly added microflora strains.  

    Passionfruit-Biotic is fermented with naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria and is a great drink for people of all ages, as it is a digestive aid and can be taken before or with meals.  

    Other benefits include

    • The phenolic profile of passionfruit is known for its anti-microbial activity
    • Contains plant sterols, which may help in lowering the levels of cholesterol
    • Possess somniferous properties, which when taken before going to bed, help the person to relax and have a restful sleep
    • Very effective in attaining optimum health and to reduce weight
    • Good source of antioxidants both water soluble and fat soluble ones
    • Reservoir of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Potassium 

    So enjoy Passionfruit-Biotic today!  

    Serving Suggestions If you want a great substitute for a soft drinks, just add 30mls of PassionfruitBiotic to a glass of mineral water. Add a little freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice (if desired) and then add stevia to taste.

    This drink is extremely beneficial in encouraging anyone to give up soft drinks.

    PassionfruitBiotic and all our fermented liquids can be used in other recipes as well. Add some to a smoothie or salad dressing.  

    100% fermented to magnify bio-availability.

    Batches may vary in colour, fizz and taste due to the naturally wild crafted ingredients in our fermentation process.

    Gluten free, soy free, casein free and dairy free Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, filler or excipients.  

    Made in Australia.

    Kosher certified.  

    Refrigerate just prior and after opening.

    Gently jiggle before opening.

    Release cap SLOWLY.  

    Available in 1.25 L.   

    Each bottle contains 22 servings.  

    This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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