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Your Digestion was founded in Australia by Maria Hunt, a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for good health! After years of suffering with many health issues, Maria jumped headlong into searching for the missing answers … and answers is what she found! She discovered the missing link in fermented foods - a unique and natural process, combining beneficial bacteria and a selection of raw organic whole foods to create a nutrient dense, enzyme rich, probiotic superfood. The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods are a natural part of our food chain and are now sadly lacking in our western diets. Eating fermented foods daily aims to re-establish our energy and vitality and in doing so help reduce indigestion, bloating and constipation.

Maria’s personality and drive is fuelled by her passion for all things healthy, and is the perfect fit for high quality fermented foods made with integrity.
Our fermented foods at Your Digestion are easily assimilated by the body and help digest the foods eaten with them - ideal for anyone wanting to nourish, improve, cleanse toxins and rebuild their immune system and gut health. At Your Digestion, we go to great lengths to source the best natural products at the best prices with the highest possible quality.  We are on a mission to provide you access to the most advanced fermented foods, super foods and other natural products to enable you to fast track your health to the next level.

Your Digestion is committed to constantly researching to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest health developments, with our selection of live active whole foods, supplements and services.

Maria aims to educate and promote for all things health and wellness … " In with the good, out with the bad!”

Why buy from Your Digestion?

1.   $12.00 flat rate shipping on all non-liquid orders, and free shipping on bulk liquid orders.
      The quantity to qualify for free shipping varies for different liquid products, so please check the product descriptions
      Why pay for extra shipping when you buy in bulk? We think it’s only fair to pass on the discount! At Your Digestion we
       believe you should be able to save money by choosing now to buy online.
2.   Quick shipping turnaround on orders placed before 11.00 am (EST)
      Why delay? At Your Digestion 90% of all orders placed on the same business day, are out the door and on their way for
3.   Quality comes first! We only work within the bounds of NATURE
       At Your Digestion we believe you should be very choosy about what you consume - so we’re very choosy about only
       putting the best products with the highest quality on our website. Read more about Your Digestion products.

4.    Happy and informed customer service.
       At Your Digestion we are very experienced in implementing fermented food products - and we’re happy to help. Ring us,
       no matter how simple or difficult a question you may have and we will do our best to assist you.
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