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Maria Hunt

Maria is a health practitioner, educator and media spokesperson who shares her passion through television, print and online media. She is a plainspoken, practical educator who is able to cut through the complexities of a vast array of health issues. Her approach is simple, practical and easy to understand.

Maria practises alongside a medical doctor in Sydney and she regularly commutes between her two busy practises in Sydney and Armidale, NSW. Whilst using the Body Ecology principles (B.E.D.) she also works within the parameters of the Pfeiffer and DAN protocols for individuals within the Autism spectrum. She is also very experienced in dealing with many imbalances such as candida, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, food allergies, chronic fatigue, malabsorption and digestive disorders etc.

Maria conducts consults all around the world via phone or in person. And she is a frequent guest on the TVSN health channel; successfully launching and advocating the benefits of fermented foods. This is combined with regular contributions to a nationwide health publication.
Maria has studied extensively in the USA and travels back there at regular intervals to develop and refine her skills and ensure she is at the forefront of the latest developments. She has and continues to present her expertise on the health benefits of 'Fermented Foods' at the Australian Gluten Free Expo, the International Pfeiffer Conference, the Sydney Biomedical Group and the International MINDD Conference; and as an ongoing guest lecturer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and rural NSW.
Maria is the spokesperson for AGM Foods/Grainfields Australia and she is also head of Australia for Body Ecology (USA) and the senior Body Ecology Advisor.  She holds a B.A. Dip. Ed. and is a Master Practitioner NLP and Hypnotherapy and a practising Bowen and Polarity therapist.


You may have already watched Maria on the TVSN Health channel, passionately sharing her experiences on the benefits of fermented foods.
Her mantra being; “it’s not so much what you eat, but what you absorb!” And to effectively absorb our food we need adequate amounts of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help with digestion, immune function and vitamin B12 production. It’s very much focussed on fostering an “in with the good and out with the bad” mentality.
She covers a broad cross-section of topics aimed at improving your digestion; everything from the benefits of probiotics to what your bowels say about your health.
So can this simple approach aid the recovery from a range of chronic health complaints? The answer may well be yes. To find out more head to the Passiflora segment on TVSN’s website.


Maria has spent years delivering insightful and sobering presentations, based on her years of research and practical experience at International conferences, Australian capital cities and rural centres.
She demonstrates the benefits of including fermented foods in our diet and details practical ways in which they can become a part of our busy lifestyles.
The foods may be simple and uncomplicated yet they pack a punch when faced with many health concerns.


Maria’s busy practises in Sydney and Armidale NSW, consult on many health issues involving inflammation, bloating, toxic overload and malabsorption of nutrients. Whilst she uses the BED principles she also works within the parameters of the Pfeiffer and DAN protocols for individuals within the Autism spectrum.
She is very experienced applying both BED principles and biomedical interventions with many imbalances such as chronic fatigue, allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, thyroid and hormone imbalances, ADHD, autism, adrenal exhaustion, fungal infections and all forms of digestive disorders such as constipation, reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.  
She tailors her approach to suit each individual's lifestyle and health concerns, with sensitivity towards a clients distinct needs and changing situations.
Her focus is on improving your digestive health through a range of nutritional supplements and fermented foods.


Whilst funding her university studies Maria worked in the equine industry on a thoroughbred horse stud preparing yearlings for sale, foaling out, and then moving onto breeding and showing Quarter horses. It was here she first realised the role nutrition plays in overall health, and the effects poor nutrition can have on well-being; from anxiety, erratic behaviour and poor concentration to fatigue and poor weight gain.
After completion of her studies she went on to teach all ages, from preschool to high school and adult education, and began to notice a correlation between learning difficulties and food allergies, behavioural issues, poor concentration and ADHD.
From there, her work in the corporate world brought home the reality of the stresses of corporate life. The fast-paced, deadline driven environment often dictates many to adopt poor nutritional practices, resulting in low energy levels, poor mental clarity, burnout and weight gain.
In her practice she went on to treat many clients with these underlying health issues with a combination of Hypnotherapy and Bowen to balance the body from an outward perspective. She had great success with this treatment but soon realised there was more work to be done in rebuilding their inner-ecology and digestive systems.
It was this realisation, coupled with her own battle with chronic fatigue, glandular fever, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, thyroid imbalance, autoimmune and various digestive disorders spanning twenty-five years that ultimately influenced her search for answers.  
After researching and implementing a multitude of protocols in an attempt to gain control of her own health she was finally drawn to the benefits of fermented foods and it's been fermented foods that have put her body back into balance and led her on the path to new-found well-being and vitality.

It's not so much what you eat it's what you absorb!

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