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Organic Hemp Powder 150 gr

Grainfields Australia

Organic Hemp Powder 150 gr


I really love this product!
It's such a great all-rounder full of healthy fats, protein and minerals 💙.  

Grainfields Organic Hemp Powder is:

  • 100% fermented
  • Nutrient dense
  • Probiotic rich
  • Protein packed
  • Superfood blend

It may help:

  • Nourish skin and hair
  • Support healthy brain function
  • Calm inflammatory conditions
  • Curb mid-afternoon energy lows
  • Support joint mobility      

How are we different?
We're 100% fermented.

Fermenting pre-digests - perfect for those with digestive system health issues.
Fermenting helps our body absorb the quality nutrients.
Fermenting helps our body utilise the quality nutrients.

How to use:
At least 5g (a teaspoon) per day 

  • Blend in smoothies
  • Sprinkle on foods
  • Whisk into dressings
  • Mix into your fave probiotic drink 

Store in a cool, dark place before opening.
Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients (all naturally fermented): Hemp protein 35%, hemp seeds 11.7%, mung beans, rice, chick peas, dulse flakes, alfalfa grass, honey.

  • Certified Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free Ingredients* 
  • No artificial anything
  • No fillers
  • Australian made

*Grainfields ingredients may come into contact with gluten during the processing process 

Extra Info:
Honey is added to feed the good gut Lactobacillus bacteria.
I often use Grainfields Hemp Powder for Anti-Candida and Sugar-Free Protocols.  

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