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How to ferment foods at home?

Fermenting foods at home is much quicker and easier than you think. With our Body Ecology products and a little time in the kitchen as shown in the video's below you can have your own fermented foods at home to help promote good gut flora. These fermented foods are full of good bacteria to help balance your gut flora and promote optimum health. Here is a quick recipe to show you how simple it can be to ferment foods at home;

Cultured Veggies


400g red cabbage
200g granny smith apples
250g carrots
small knob ginger fresh (optional)
1 small clove garlic fresh (optional)
½ teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon sea salt
½ sachet culture starter
½ teaspoon ecobloom – (optional)
400 mls passion fruit biotic; sufficient to cover all
ingredients (optional) – water can be used instead of
the fermented drinks


1. Sterilise all utensils in boiling water
2. Thoroughly wash all ingredients
3. To make starter mixer: mix honey, culture starter, ecobloom, in ½ cup of luke warm water and place to the side for approx. 20 mins
4. Shred in food processor – carrots, apples and cabbage
5. Peel and chop garlic and ginger
6. Add starter mixture and mix all ingredients together
7. In layers - Place the first layer of ingredients into the bottom of a sterile 1 litre air tight jar. Pour sufficient passion fruit biotic or water to cover, press liquid into the ingredients. Repeat layer by layer, packing the ingredients tightly into the jar until the entire mixture is used. Let the liquid seep into the mixture, making sure the liquid covers all ingredients. Leave 3 cm space from the top. Firmly place lid on jar and place jar on tray to catch any overflow of juices during fermentation process
8. Keep jars at room temperature 22°C (if room is colder, place jar in insulated storage) away from direct sunlight (leave 3-5 days if prefer crunchy texture or 10 days for softer texture) avoid opening whilst fermenting
9. Once fermented place in refrigeration. Stored correctly, unopened cultured vegetables will keep up to 5 months in refrigeration and opened - for up to 6 weeks
10. After opening the jar, to keep the ingredients moist, passion fruit biotic can be added at regular intervals


To see just how easy making your own fermented vegetables can be please watch this video from Donna Gates and JJ Virgin

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