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Thanks so much Maria for your clear, down-to- earth, realistic guidance on how I can make changes to LOSE WEIGHT! The Body Ecology Diet is now so achievable with your help..and I am keeping my weight off!

Shirley S.

For years I have suffered with candida symptoms, fungal nails, sinus you name it! Finally I found the Body Ecology Diet and someone who can explain it all to me and cut through the overwhelming information out there! Thank you Maria Hunt!

Stephanie H.

I really was thinking I would not be able to keep up with the Body Ecology Diet but was desperate for help with really low energy. Maria was able to really keep tabs on my progress and personally address any issues I had. I am so grateful to now be resolving my health problems with her help.

Jenny B.

Truly inspirational! Your energy and enthusiasm is so catching! I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the Body Ecology program!

Rebecca C.

I had bad acne problems for so long and tried so many skin products, dietary programs. I just gave up. Then a friend suggested I give you a call for an appointment on the phone. That made all the difference. My skin is so much clearer and I have lost weight also! What a bonus!

Andrew C.

After trying dozens of different diets and seeing a number of practitioners Body Ecology has changed my life! There are days when I think it has saved my life!  Body Ecology makes you feel great.  It improves your digestion and gives you back your energy! Thank you Maria Hunt for your ongoing guidance!
Pia Larsen, Sydney  

As a child, I had many bouts of tonsillitis, and as a result, many courses of antibiotics. Our family “treat” was icecream, and white bread with chocolate sprinkles on it. It’s probably no wonder that I also developed chronic constipation from about the age of 3. I am now 47, and for the past 18 years I have needed laxatives (Cascara sagrada) on a daily basis in order to achieve daily bowel movements. Over this time, I’d also developed skin issues (acne rosacea and seborrhoeic dermatitis). For the past 12 years, I have been managing these through a strict gluten-free, cow’s-dairy-free, sugar-free diet, and have done many parasite, liver, gallbladder, bowel and candida cleanses. In addition to that, I’ve steered away from antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, and have done many rounds (6 months at a time) of probiotics. I don’t know anyone who has been as dedicated to their diet as I have been, yet despite this, my bowels still weren’t functioning effectively on their own.

A year ago, a friend mentioned the Body Ecology Diet, and how it helps to rebuild the gut. I had a strong feeling towards it, and contacted Maria Hunt for my first appointment. Over the past year, I’ve had monthly phone consults with Maria. What has most impressed me about her work is that she truly listens. She’s helped me to gently correct my eating habits to bring me more and more into alignment with the principles of the Body Ecology Diet. With each session, we tweak it a bit further. This gentle approach, where I’m encouraged and not made to feel guilty, has been a real blessing. My world is incredibly busy and stressful, and involves a lot of travel. It’s not always possible to be 100% right with my eating, and Maria has made productive suggestions around how I can better manage this.
Having followed many different eating regimes in the past, I’m truly impressed with the profoundness of the Body Ecology Diet. It incorporates principles that have worked for me in the past (Blood Type Diet, Food Combining, Anti-Candida Diet), and it takes it further. I consider it a Master eating plan for impeccable health. As a result of my consults with Maria, and following the Body Ecology Diet, about 6 weeks ago I was able to come off all laxatives. My bowel movements are more cleansing than I’ve experienced in the past, and even my husband has commented on how much better my overall health and stamina has been. While I still have very mild acne rosacea, I’m more and more able to go out without wearing make-up, ie. my face looks like it’s softly flushed with health, and not disease.  
To be laxative-free has been my goal for many years. I am deeply grateful to Maria for her help over the past year. I’ve referred many of my own network of clients and friends to Maria and to Body Ecology Diet, because of how great the benefits have been for me. I’m writing this testimonial because I’d love to see more and more people become aware of the benefits of the Body Ecology Diet. Our world will be a much healthier and happier place as a result.

Artemis -

Having suffered from terrible IBS for 25 years and then having a bad case of gastro I decided to try the Lemon and Ginger probiotic drink. Within 2 days all symptoms related to gastro were gone and within 2 weeks my IBS is 95% better. This is incredible for me as I have been on a disability pension since I was 25 due to the debilitating effects of IBS, thyroid imbalance, chronic fatigue and anxiety disorder.

Since I started my first drink I have not had to use my heartburn medication which I was taking at least 3 - 4 times per week. I have not had 1 episode of heartburn since commencing the drink and no medication at all.

Anyway long story short I am feeling better than I have in years and never have I had the results like I have now; I am finally feeling like a normal human being who can go out, socialise and function normally.

Also my skin is clearer and is healing much faster if I do get any small pimples, I have a lot more energy and less muscle pain and stiffness (from the chronic fatigue). My bowel movements are normal!!

No more constipation or feeling like I haven’t evacuated properly and chronic bloating/wind.  And lastly, very importantly, now I no longer have embarrassing and debilitating bowel problems and my anxiety has also diminished.
As I am feeling so much better I can now also see the benefits to eating healthier, smaller nutritious meals and exercising.
And I have always had a very bitter taste in my mouth and bad breath no matter how much I cleaned and flossed. I always believed it came from my gut not my mouth. Now I no longer have any bad breath at all after using the Lemon and Ginger probiotic drink - not even in the morning!
Amazing what good bacterial can do for the gut. No other product has worked like this for me before.
Melissa B.

My 2.5 year old son has been on scd (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) for 6 months with lots of improvement but we hit a plateau and he was never able to do nuts or goat yogurt so onto the next diet we went. When I saw the price of the coconuts I told my husband I was only going to do the yck (young coconut kefir) for 1 month and if we didn't see huge results well then we would stop. 

Well it has been one month and my son has gone from using 5 word approximations to using over 50 words with 2 and 3 word combinations. He is saying his ABC's, he knows his colors, some shapes and he is calling us mama and daddy. Can you believe it??? I have cried over and over again (happy tears) as he talks to me from the back seat. He calls me from his crib (he never said anything from his crib before). His ABA therapist is so shocked at how appropriately he is using his words and how much labeling he is doing.

It took 2 weeks for his poohs to firm up. We had good poops for next 2 weeks and on the last couple of days he got diarrhea again. I think it was because I added in quinoa. So I removed it and today he got another rash and his poop was much better. I see such a correlation between his behavior and his poohs. When they firm up he is interactive, alert, happy and oh my god he has so much energy. When he gets diarrhea he is withdrawn, whiny, wants to stay in bed and very aloof. I'm so excited with the progress that my next step is going to try the cultured veggies.

This month is the first month that I actually think that Wesley might fully recover. He socially has a way to go but I am so optimistic! Thanks for all the support.

Donna W.

My daughter and her boyfriend both suffered from digestive issues and once they began the BE diet they began feeling better right away. They love the Cocobiotic and Vitality Green! Of course I have been following the BE diet and feel much better and as well the weight has just dropped off.

Helen T.

I followed BED for several months and I can tell you the only thing that got me through the Holiday parties was Cocobiotic! It was my own version of champagne and it helped me to ward of all the tempting sugary treats. It was also through BED that I began my love affair with sea veggies. They have been a huge part of my diet ever since, and are now one of my favorite foods. I don't think there is room in this post to share my entire experience with you, but I will say that I have recommended your book to several people, and I still do. Thank you so much for being such an amazing resource! 

Jessica L.

I was diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroid 3 yrs ago. I refused to take meds, and instead followed the BED. I eliminated sugars & gluten, and followed the recipes in the book... ie eggs, butter, quinoa, cultured veg, green smoothies for breakfast, soups, coconut oil, coconut kefir etc... over the course of 8 months my tsh dropped from 9 to 2!!! My doctor (regular western medicine doctor) who was doing my blood tests called me when it had reached 2 and said... whatever you're doing keep doing it!!! 


Yes - I have been following the BED since Jan 2011. I now have a healthier functioning digestive tract, clearer skin, and cleaner feeling gums and teeth. I had always been one of those folks who could not have a healthy BM first thing in the AM without first exercising or a large cup of coffee. Even a macrobiotic diet for 18 months helped but not morning BM. I'm proud to say BM's are now automatic in the AM. It's funny how parents of newborns carefully monitor their child’s BM's as a sign of health but this seems to be less significant to folks as they get older. This should always be on ones radar. I also would develop blood blisters inside my mouth when eating corn...not happening now. My stomach is still a little sensitive at times now so I am next going to focus on gluten to see if I am sensitive to it. 

Kathy W.

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