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probiotic liquids BE Wholegrain Liquid
probiotic liquids BE Wholegrain Liquid

Grainfields Australia

BE Wholegrain Liquid

      • May help to restore the health of your digestive tract
      • Contains beneficial bacteria to help balance your immunity and overall health
      • Ideal for those with gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), candida, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain
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    Are you one of the many people who are tired of suffering from poor digestive health and ready to take charge of your well-being?
    Gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), candida, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain are rampant today. Whether you experience lactose intolerance, celiac disease, food allergies or acid reflux, you may be avoiding certain foods in order to escape the pain. Still others take antacids or pain relievers for occasional or chronic digestive pain, thinking it a minor inconvenience.
    But did you know that your digestive system must be working properly in order for you to look and feel your best? It makes sense when you realize that a healthy digestive system is the key to extracting and absorbing the critical nutrients your body needs to stay strong, youthful, slim and energized.
    Here’s the good news…you can restore the health of your digestive tract!
    Why are so many people suffering from gluten sensitivity and poor digestive health?
    From the 1950's forward, our eating habits changed from fresh whole, fibre-rich foods grown in the soil to packaged, pasteurized and processed foods. Certainly, the human body was not created or intended to eat the chemicals and preservatives in these refined foods. This major change in our diet caused an assault on the good microflora, and with continually increasing levels of stress, medicinal and recreational drugs, pollution and environmental toxins we now have an idea why the "good little bugs" or microflora died off.
    They just couldn't keep up with the assault. This allowed the pathogenic bacteria and yeast to take over, setting the stage for weakened immunity, earlier aging, digestive pain, illness and disease.
    At Body Ecology, we believe you can repair your digestive tract. If you have been looking for simple, natural answers, look no further than BE Wholegrain liquid.
    Our probiotic liquids are designed to bring back the ancient health and healing secrets of our ancestors around the world who ate and drank plentiful fermented foods and drinks. Fermented foods and drinks are full of probiotics, which means “for life.” Probiotics are healthy bacteria and yeast that once consumed; go to work to keep you feeling healthy and strong. In fact, while you may not have enough, you already have some beneficial microflora (healthy bacteria and yeast) living in your digestive tract. It is these beneficial microflora that help you digest your food, boost your immunity, create energy and even manufacture the vitamins your body needs!
    When you consume the right probiotics (those that are native to the human digestive tract and that work in harmony with one another), your body can more easily re-colonize the beneficial microflora you may have lost through poor dietary and lifestyle habits. Many people are missing the beneficial microflora they need to digest foods like milk, gluten and other proteins. If you are missing these beneficial microflora, when you eat certain foods, you may experience digestive pain. Without enough of the good microflora, the bad guys (pathogens) can set up shop in your intestines. This is what we at Body Ecology call an imbalanced inner ecosystem.
    Too many of us suffer from this problem today. If you are experiencing digestive pain, you are likely one of them.
    How can a simple drink help me heal my digestion?
    In addition to a healthy Body Ecology diet, drinking a probiotic liquid like BE Wholegrain may help you heal your digestive tract. Our goal with introducing BE Wholegrain is to provide a way to introduce grain-loving bacteria into your intestines, along with key beneficial bacteria and yeast to balance your immunity and overall health.
    During fermentation, the microflora in our probiotic liquids are “cultured and harvested” from the grains. The microflora actually "digest" these grains and the gluten or protein in the grains are “restructured” during the fermentation process. Research shows that fermentation actually breaks down the toxic peptides in gluten, effectively neutralizing them and increasing their digestibility, which may help for many with gluten sensitivities.
    Think of the microflora in BE Wholegrain as "grain loving," since they grew upon grains naturally in nature. Therefore, when you drink BE Wholegrain, you create grain-loving microflora that will now thrive in your intestines, where they can help you digest grains, gluten and other foods. This probiotic drink maybe for you if you are gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant.
    With high quality ingredients, and the exclusive FermFlora™ fermentation process, BE Wholegrain is rich in hardy probiotics that are harvested and “trained” to survive harsh stomach acid. This process provides you with powerful probiotics that may contribute to digestive health, increased energy, strong immunity and a longer, healthier life. This is much more important than the many probiotic supplements on the market today that dazzle you with large numbers of colony-forming units (CFUs). These supplements do not have the ability to colonize the way our products do.
    BE Wholegrain is fermented with naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria.
    Superior Vitamin and Mineral-Rich Ingredients
    Malt, Whole Organic: Oats, Maize, Biodynamic Rice, Alfalfa Seed, Pearl Barley, Linseed, Mung Beans, Rye Grain, Wheat, Millet, Buckwheat, and filtered Water.

    Serving Suggestions
    If you want a great substitute for a cola or soda, just add 30mls of BE Wholegrain to a glass of mineral water. Add a little freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice (if desired) and then add stevia to taste. This drink is extremely beneficial in encouraging anyone to get off soft drinks. BE Wholegrain and all our fermented liquids can be used in other recipes as well. Add some to a smoothie or salad dressing.
    Your pets may also thrive on a drink of BE Wholegrain as well.
    100% fermented to magnify bio-availability.
    Batches may vary in colour, fizz and taste due to the naturally wild crafted ingredients in our fermentation process.
    Casein free, soy free and dairy free.
    Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, filler or excipients.
    Made in Australia, Kosher certified.
    Refrigerate just prior and after opening. Gently jiggle before opening. Release cap SLOWLY.
    Available in 1.25 L   Each bottle contains 22 servings.  
    This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.


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