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CocoBiotic 1.25L
CocoBiotic 1.25L

Body Ecology

CocoBiotic 1.25L

  • Super-healthy and delicious probiotic liquid from young coconuts.

    • Promotes healthy intestinal microflora
    • May help to increase energy and improve digestion
    • May help to maintain proper digestion and immune function

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  • The key to enhanced and vibrant health is restoring and maintaining your inner ecosystem. And key to creating that healthy inner ecosystem is promoting your intestinal microflora, the organisms that help your body defend against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, yeast and other dangerous invaders.

     By far, two of the most beneficial "edible tools" to promote this intestinal microflora are:
    • Cultured vegetables
    • Young coconut kefir
    But after a decade of watching thousands of people eat their way to better health with the Body Ecology diet, I must confess that I've seen a few hurdles along the way.
    For one thing, I know there's work involved in culturing your own vegetables and especially in preparing the young coconut kefir.
    Secondly, young green coconuts are still difficult to even find in many parts of the country. If you can find them, they're often too old anyway (because they are imported). So you end up tossing them out -- a big waste of your money and effort.
    Even if you might enjoy the process of creating your young coconut kefir and cultured vegetables like I do, I realize you are likely busy and don't always have time to do it. Sometimes, even when you try your best to stick to the Body Ecology program, the realities of a hectic life can get in your way.
    This "inconvenience" factor has prompted many people to take probiotic supplements in order to try to keep up with your body’s need for an abundant supply of these friendly organisms.
    Unfortunately, probiotic supplement products on the market vary greatly in their potency and effectiveness (as well as their cost). Many probiotics do not live up to their claims. Some are not even natural.
    But now I have some great news to share with you! After evaluating these obstacles to Body Ecology success, we decided to do something about it. And after very extensive effort to get the formulations just right, there is a solution; an amazing breakthrough that will conveniently and economically help balance your inner ecosystem.
    This premier beverage in the Body Ecology probiotic line CocoBiotic combines the best of both worlds. A naturally-fermented drink made from wild-crafted, young green coconuts... plus a savvy blend of synergistic probiotics.
    Best of all, you can enjoy this fresh and delicious beverage anytime, anywhere... and without any work! Coco-Biotic is also great for travel. It's ready to go when you are.
    Light and refreshing, this sensational probiotic beverage has been getting rave advance reviews from attendees at trade shows.
    While Coco-Biotic is not exactly the same thing as young coconut kefir and not made in the same way it does similarly embrace the Body Ecology emphasis on fermentation and provide you the amazing range of health benefits.
    I've included fermented young coconut juice by design... because of the many benefits we’ve heard about from young coconut kefir users over the years such as:
    • Improved Digestion
    • Reduced Sugar Cravings
    • Greatly Increased Energy
    • Improved Liver Cleansing
    Many probiotic products are synthesized in a laboratory... even worse, many of them are genetically modified. Believe it or not, some probiotics are even made from human bowel waste.
    Not CocoBiotic.The gut-friendly bacteria and yeasts in this delicious beverage are derived entirely from nature... from organically-certified plant sources. CocoBiotic is created from wild-crafted young Thai coconut and utilizes Grainfields proprietary FermFlora natural organic fermentation process. And just like you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a probiotic based on slick marketing.
    *CocoBiotic is made from organic grains and wild-crafted coconuts that are not sprayed with any chemicals.
    Important: Many probiotics boast about how many different strains of beneficial bacteria they include, or the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) they contain. Unfortunately, these numbers can be misleading. The bacteria may not be natural to the human GI tract, or even be compatible with each other.
    Instead of looking for the most strains or the most CFUs, you must look for how viable and active the cultures are and how well they will work in your gut. CocoBiotic contains a smart blend of naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria.
    One of the key reasons that CocoBiotic is such a super-probiotic is due to its bio-availability as a fermented liquid food, rather than an ordinary capsule supplement. This way, the beneficial microflora in CocoBiotics unique fermented beverage can withstand harsh stomach acids to reach the walls of the intestine and recolonise it more effectively than capsule probiotic supplements. Plus, CocoBiotic is rich in B vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
    Includes "built-in" prebiotics
    Just like you need food to live on; the probiotics require their own food source called pre-biotics. With CocoBiotic, you don’t need to worry about buying additional pre-biotic supplements. That’s because CocoBiotic contains the beneficial enzyme-producing yeasts that friendly bacteria love to feed on. So, while I still recommend young coconut kefir as one part of your healing arsenal, you no longer need to feel pressured to have some on hand all the time. Not when you have this convenient 'all-in-one' powerful probiotic beverage.
    100% fermented to magnify bio-availability
     Batches may vary in colour, fizz and taste due to the naturally wild crafted ingredients in our fermentation process.

  • Ingredients: filtered water, young coconut juice, mung beans, brown rice, chick peas, red lentils, linseed, alfalfa seed, millet, quinoa, lactobacillus bacteria.    
    Gluten free, soy free, casein free and dairy free.
    Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, filler or excipients.
    Made in Australia, Kosher certified.
    Refrigerate just prior and after opening. Gently jiggle before opening. Release cap SLOWLY.
    Available in 1.25 L.  Each bottle contains 22 servings.
    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
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