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Free Freight Clear & Cleanse Combo


For whatever reason, weight sneaks up on us QUICKLY…

And with SO MANY weight loss options on the market these days … losing weight can be tricky! Sometimes it’s so hard to decide which program to start or which supplement is best for you.

There’s a lot that gets thrown at us when we take that first step.

Weight loss shakes … appetite suppressants … metabolic stimulants ... fluid loss tablets.

Which way do we go?

And then of course there’s a vast number of reasons behind the bulge – eating too much, eating the wrong foods, not exercising enough.

Or how about the more complex stuff: fatty liver, sluggish thyroid, exhausted adrenals …

Phew which way to go now?

So without getting too nitty gritty about the above (I will be happy to help you further if you would like to make a consult) … let’s get the basics down pat for your slim-down plan – regardless of what is behind the extra kilos.

To pave the weight loss way we ALL need:
A happy liver to process our fats
A good gut to break down and absorb our foods
And strong cells pumped with minerals ready to give us energy to burn!
Once we tick these three off the list – our body is ready to lose weight .

So here at Your Digestion I recommend the below basic weight loss tool kit!

Ok let’s start from the top.

For a happy liver I recommend Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus
A happy, clean liver effectively processes our fat and as a result so many people may easily lose weight just by detoxing their liver!

And the ingredients in Super Spirulina Plus are effective at helping detoxify the liver while proving an essential source of minerals so we can digest, absorb and eliminate our foods effectively.

Simply add Super Spirulina Plus to salad dressings, fermented foods, drinks, juices and smoothies and enjoy the benefits of this unique weight loss tool!

For a good gut I recommend any one of our Body Ecology Fermented Probiotic Drinks

A ‘good gut’ is packed with good gut biome!

It can effectively process toxins and digest our food.

So many of us do not have a good gut!

Fermented drinks – Cocobiotic, Innergybiotic and Passionfruitbiotic - are so effective at replenishing good gut biome which is often easily depleted from so many common lifestyle factors such as antibiotics, medications, processed food and alcohol.

They do this by giving the bad gut bacteria (toxins) the boot and then recolonising the good biome.

Good gut biome makes it so much easier for us to lose weight as it may help:
Curb sugar, carb and dairy cravings
Regulate our blood sugar
Helps us feel full by regulating our gut hormones
Get rid of bacterial toxins (as high levels of these are linked to obesity)
Remineralise our body to support our our adrenal glands (and help with energy)
It’s so easy to burn out in today’s action-packed stress filled lifestyle!

And if we are fighting fatigue it is so hard to commit to an exercise program or even eat the right foods. The quick sugar fix is often too easy an option.

While there are many symptoms linked to adrenal exhaustion - weight gain (especially around the waist and abdomen) is a common one.

It’s a crazy merry-go-round if we are trying to lose weight while we are running on empty.

Our adrenal glands need high quality minerals to function well and replenish our energy levels.

While many of us choose good food to eat and prepare – many of our fruit, veg and proteins are depleted in minerals due to modern broad scale farming methods.

And if we are choosing processed foods to eat for a quick energy burst – there’s no chance of receiving energy-giving minerals whatsoever!

This is why I recommend a good baseline of minerals for everyone trying to lose weight!

High quality liquid minerals are not only a fantastic support for adrenal exhaustion but also a general boost for anyone starting a weight loss program.

Due to the unique fermentation process Super Spirulina Plus and the Fermented Drinks contain high quality, readily available minerals while also supporting your digestion to absorb the minerals from good foods you're already eating.


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