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Hemp Crunch Bar (Box of 10)

Grainfields Australia

Hemp Crunch Bar (Box of 10)


This is a convenient and delicious tasting live food bar combining  hemp seeds, hemp protein plus nutritious wholefoods with a hint of lemon. 

Some ingredients have been fermented using AGM Foods’ unique Flora Ferm process.

This adds good bacteria and helps to make the ingredients easier to digest and absorb.

The Hemp Crunch Bar is a satisfying nutrient-rich probiotic snack bar for brekkie on the run, packed lunches, bush walking or the gym.

Ingredients: Date paste, coconut, hemp seeds#*11.9% , pepitas, rice malt#, cashews, hemp protein#*3.9%, mung beans#*, rice#*, honey#*, chick peas#*, coconut oil#, dulse flakes#*, alfalfa grass#*, lemon oil. *Fermented ingredient.  #Organic ingredient.


No artificial colours or flavours

Store in a cool dark place

10 x 60g bars in each box

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