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InnergyBiotic 1.25L
InnergyBiotic 1.25L

Body Ecology

InnergyBiotic 1.25L

  • Energy-increasing probiotic liquid.

    • Energy drink, sports drink and performance drink, all in one
    • Healthy, low-calorie source of probiotics
    • May help to heal your digestive tract and improve immunity
    • Probiotic superfood 

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  • How would you like a healthy, low-calorie source of probiotics that's gluten-free and provides you with loads of energy?
    Whether at home, in the office, or on the go - you don't have to feel tired, sluggish and "zapped" anymore?
    Innergy-Biotic combines all the best features of an:
    • Energy drink
    • Sports drink
    • Performance drink
    • Probiotic superfood
    When was the last time you had a drink that could give you energy and improve your health at the same time?
    In today's line up of energy drinks and sports drinks, you are often getting nothing more than sugar mixed with inferior protein and questionable vitamins and minerals. These drinks boost your energy for a short time...perhaps they promise to replenish your electrolytes... but actually steal energy and vitality from your long-term health.
    What if you could heal your digestive tract (your inner ecosystem), revive your energy and get healthy probiotics in one convenient and delicious all-natural liquid? The Body Ecology line of probiotic liquids - which also includes CocoBiotic & Dong Quai -- may help to heal your gut and balance your immunity by providing you with a range of healthy probiotics.
    Innergy-Biotic is the brand new addition to the Body Ecology line of probiotic liquids. It just may be our most delicious probiotic liquid yet. Yes, it is healthy and healing, but we named it Innergy-Biotic because it can make you feel energetically alive and happy by creating true energy from deep your intestines.
    Innergy-Biotic is special because it was created by fermenting a blend of high protein, gluten free grains, grain-like seeds and beans...all sources of easily digested vegetarian proteins.
    Innergy-Biotic not only provides you with beneficial microflora to improve digestion, but it also contains specific ingredients such as high performance peptides (easily digestible protein sources), antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients.
    More than a healthy, energizing liquid, InnergyBiotic can help your body recover from the physical demands of work, exercise or illness and give you a healthy, long-lasting boost of energy while also benefiting your body long-term.
    • An easily digestible source of vegetarian protein - Fermentation naturally breaks down protein into easily digestible amino acids that your body can more quickly utilize.
    • A gluten-free version of our delicious probiotic liquids - while the gluten-containing grains in our other probiotic liquids are technically also gluten-free after they are fermented, some people just want a gluten-free option. With Innergy-Biotic, you have a gluten-free source of healthy probiotics.
    • May increase your energy - Probiotic-rich Innergy-Biotic helps to increase energy because it helps correct digestion and improves immunity, giving you a natural, lasting increase in energy. When the foods you eat digest well you feel this as an increase in energy.
    • An easy, convenient source of probiotics - Probiotics in the form of fermented foods and drinks have long been a cornerstone of the Body Ecology program. Today, the healing benefits of probiotics are even being recognized by some mainstream medicine.
    • May help to heal your gut - Body Ecology promotes healing your inner ecosystem and probiotics are the key to a healthy gut. The probiotics in Innergy-Biotic are targeted to survive stomach acid that kills most probiotic supplements. The special blend of microflora in Innergy-Biotic help recolonize your intestines quickly, furthering the healing process.
    • May help to improve your digestion - probiotics increase the bio-availability of each meal by improving your digestion. A healthy digestive tract can better absorb nutrients, allowing nutrient deficiencies to be corrected.
    • May help balance your immunity - probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that work to keep you healthy by keeping bad bacteria, fungal infections and parasites at bay. Most people have an overgrowth of the "bad guys," but when you drink a probiotic liquid like those in our delicious Innergy-Biotic you can obtain only the "good guys." These are the ones that keep the bad guys at bay.
    • Helps to recover from physical demands of sports - the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) found that drinks with protein and carbohydrates enhance the efficiency of carbohydrate utilization, improves muscle tissue repair and reduces muscle fibre damage.
    • Helps create lasting energy - instead of using sugar, caffeine and manufactured vitamins and minerals to create energy, Innergy-Biotic provides natural, whole fermented foods in liquid form. Innergy-Biotic is an effective way to increase energy because it works to build your health AND your energy through whole foods and active probiotics.
    • Helps to improve your health - probiotics (healthy microflora) are key to your long term health because they aid your digestion and assimilation of nutrients and may increase the nutrient power of your foods. Healthy microflora even help make important vitamins for healing, like B vitamins and vitamin K.
    • Helps to create beauty from the inside out - probiotics may help keep you slim, make your hair grow long and lustrous, treat acne, prevent wrinkles and keep your skin glowing. Most energy drinks and sports drinks on the market are made with some form of sugar, which damages your health and beauty.
    If you look at the nutrition labels of the so-called sports drink or energy drinks, you'll see a lot of quasi-foods and forms of sugar. These designer drinks are like candy in a can, giving you instant gratification in the form of a sugar high. Innergy-Biotic is an effective energy drink and sports liquid because it goes way beyond instant gratification.
    With Innergy-Biotic, you get a probiotic-rich whole food in liquid form, making the protein and microflora more bio-available for your body. You get energy that lasts and a protein-carbohydrate drink that supports muscle recovery.
    Superior Ingredients
    • Organic Quinoa - a "grain-like" seed related to the spinach family that is prized for being a complete protein (contains all 9 essential amino acids that are required by the body as building blocks for muscles). Compared to other grains, quinoa is higher in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc than wheat, barley, or corn. It is also rich in fiber and antioxidants. Quinoa's health benefits include preventing and treating arthrosclerosis, diabetes and insulin resistance.
    • Organic Millet - a high-protein "grain-like" seed, millet nutrition is important for B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, tryptophan, fibre and antioxidants. Millet nutrition has been noted for reducing cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, migraines and headaches.
    • Organic Biodynamic Brown Rice - biodynamic farming takes organic to an even higher level by uniting the farm as a unit in which soil, humans, animals and nature work in harmony to produce your food. High-protein brown rice is made even more nutrient-rich through these practiced farming methods.
    • Organic High-Protein Pulses - soybeans, chickpeas and lentils get an increase in digestibility and nutrients when fermented. Because we humans cannot digest unfermented pulses, fermenting these potentially-valuable foods breaks them down so that your body can now obtain the nutrients in them.
    Important: Fermented foods and drinks containing both a probiotic and a prebiotic are called a symbiotic. The symbiotic effect from blue agave, honey, the gluten free grain-like seeds and the brown rice in Innergy-Biotic means that not only does it help populate your intestines with beneficial microflora (probiotics), it also helps improve the survival, implantation and growth of newly added microflora strains. The microflora consume this sweet food, yet leave you all the benefits of pulses, seeds and grains.
    Innergy-Biotic is a potent probiotic liquid with a superior blend of probiotics that are:
    • Able to survive harsh stomach acids to reach the walls of your intestines and recolonise it more effectively
    • Natural to the human GI tract
    • Compatible with each other
    This is much more important than the many probiotic supplements on the market today that dazzle you with large numbers of colony-forming units (CFUs). These supplements do not have the ability to colonize the way our products do with the naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria.
    Full of B vitamins, 9 essential amino acids (creating a perfect protein), magnesium, calcium, tryptophan, antioxidants and a symbiotic blend of probiotics, Innergy-Biotic is your health enhancing performance drink!
    Whether you want to climb Mt. Everest, make it through a long day at work or create lasting energy for your future health, Innergy-Biotic is a delicious way to build deep inner energy so that you can start performing at your optimal best!
    100% fermented to magnify bio-availability
    Batches may vary in colour, fizz and taste due to the naturally wild crafted ingredients in our fermentation process.
    Gluten free, casein free and dairy free.
    Contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, animal products, filler or excipients
    Made in Australia, Kosher certified.
    Refrigerate just prior and after opening. Gently jiggle before opening. Release cap SLOWLY.
    Available in 1.25 L   Each bottle contains 22 servings.  
    This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.
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