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Fermented & Organic Probiotic Powder | Cleanse Those Eggs

“I absolutely love the 'Cleanse Those Eggs' fermented food. In just a short time I saw definite improvements in my well being from more energy, feeling happier and having more regular periods. I now recommend this range to my clients and members, as the results were very noticeable. Highly recommend!”

- Sharon S.

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Bio-fermented Organic Food Blend (Quinoa*, Buckwheat*, Millet*, Spirulina*, Pepitas*, Baobab*, Chia Seeds*, Queen Garnet Plum*, Linseeds*, Broccoli*, Nettle Leaf*, Oregano*, St Mary’s Thistle*, Dandelion Root*, Globe Artichoke*, Ginger*, Pomegranate*, Garlic*, Molasses*), Mixed Berry Fruit Powder (Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry), Inulin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Natural Raspberry Flavouring, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Leaf Extract, Bio-fermented Cultures. *Certified Organic Bio-fermented Ingredients. 

Cleanse Those Eggs is for any woman wanting to cleanse her gut and liver, so as to look good and feel good!

As the first addition to our fermented probiotic food family, Cleanse Those Eggs, will focus on where it all begins. Optimal gut health.
Cleanse Those Eggs is a deep cleansing, bio-fermented organic probiotic whole food powder designed to support women wanting to cleanse their gut and promote optimal health and/or your preconception game plan. With a strong focus on cleansing the gut for everyone. 

"It's not just for the eggs, it's cleanses the whole body! Our whole family uses this powder. I'll have anything fermented as I love the zing, we use it in smoothies, on cereal and it’s so tasty you can even put it on cake! How you can make a green powder taste so good is beyond me, well done! Thank you for creating this masterpiece, so I can ‘Cleanse Those Cells' a little bit more every day.” This creation is the stuff of legends, so, so good. And a life changer as I can feel my gut flora adjust!" — Clare S.

Feel Healthier and Cleaner

An alkalising probiotic superfood packed with natural pre and probiotics essential for feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut and to maintain a healthy microbiome, because that’s the secret to having energy, vitality and glowing skin.  

Support your body’s natural detoxification for a balanced happy gut, sustained energy, weight management, enhanced immunity, radiant skin and improved moods.

Life Begins In The Gut

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